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look – bright eyes

This look is all about the eyes… and how to make them light up!

Whether you have brown eyes, blue, green, amber, hazel, turquoise, aqua, grey or any variation in between, this is a tried and tested natural look that will allow your eyes to be the focus and catch the light.

Perfect for a low key event, casual day off, brunch or afternoon tea, monday morning at work when you want to start the week fresh-faced and invigorated… we love this look for its subtlety and understated clarity. Natural beauty is our best thing and this look is just that! Especially when you want to give your skin a break from foundation and let it breathe.

For a natural look that is effortless and casual, for bright eyes even on cloudy days, follow these simple suggestions and enjoy.

What you need

rice powder blush – my blush | eco vegan blush & bronzer brush | carrot cheek & lip balm – healthy | sunflower oil mascara – brown | aloe vera gel mascara – clear | almond oil eyebrow pencil | eco vegan eye brush | versatile vanilla highlighter – falling star.

Get the look – 

This is all about creating a neutral, natural palette so that your eyes can take the spotlight!

Start with a fresh face that has been cleansed and moisturised. Apply rice powder blush – my blush using our expert eco vegan blush & bronzer brush. This powder gives healthy natural colour to the face when applied all over the face in a light dusting, with extra emphasis to the cheeks. Carrot cheek & lip balm – healthy continues the theme of neutral natural colour, dab on the lips and on the apples of the cheeks and blend. Now your complexion is the perfect tone to add some definition to your eyes. Begin with grooming the eyebrows to frame your face using the almond oil eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps.

Using the eco vegan eye brush, apply rice powder blush – my blush in the crease of the eyes, then use your finger to apply a thin layer of versatile vanilla highlighter – falling star along the upper eyelid.

Next, the sunflower oil mascara – brown, applied to top and bottom eye lashes. The brown will pick up the colour in your eyes. In addition, use the aloe vera gel mascara – clear as a second coat of mascara to add healthy lustre and shine. This mascara works wonders on the brows as well with one coast of the clear mascara to set your look.

You’ll notice how bright and light your eyes are.

Wear with clean, relaxed hair and enjoy the day.

Model and make-up: Agathe Verdier.

Photography: Hiram Martinez.

To learn more about Ere Perez, click here.

Sigue aquí el blog en español.

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Agathe is French and has brought her wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry in France to join the Ere Perez team. She heads product development and works closely with founder Ere, using her knowledge to inspire new and innovative beauty trends. She is passionate about colour, high performance and believes that best quality is possible using natural ingredients. Agathe loves travelling, enjoying the beach, the sun – all the good simple things in life!

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