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make up or not

To makeup or not to makeup? It’s totally up to you!
Our relationship to makeup is personal – it can change over time or stay consistent for decades. Some women prefer neutrals, while others experiment with vibrant colours. Our makeup routine can reflect how we are feeling, be used to change how we feel or be an outlet for creativity. You can love wearing makeup daily or only on special occasions – either way, we want you to LOVE your skin, how it feels and how it looks in the mirror.

We celebrate skin with makeup on it, and skin without. We want you to feel great when you are all made up for an event, and when you are bare-faced and casually dressed. We love bright lipstick with old jeans, and cocktail dresses with barely-there makeup. In our world – anything goes.

look #1: BEAUTY

This could be for home only, a NYE party or heading off to yoga. It’s a guaranteed natural glow! Read More

night-time rituals for beauty sleep

Barre Body defines themselves as Australia’s best boutique barre & fitness. With studios across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, they are the home of barre, yoga, pilates, and more… They also share their tips for healthy lifestyle, fitness, wellness & more on their blog.

The team at Barre Body recently met with Sally Flowers of Home Sanctuary, to discuss the way we can get a better sleep:

“We all know sleep is good for us. But while most of us could happily slumber right through alarm time, actually getting to sleep can be a little more elusive. Blame the auto-play feature on Netflix, the addictive nature of scrolling, or the 3 coffees you chugged to wake you up today (ironic) – getting sleepy can be exhausting!

If you have an inkling that your insomnia may be self-inflicted, join the club. We chatted to Home Sanctuary’s Sally Flower about how to create a night-time ritual. Here’s what our dreamy expert had to say:

If you have trouble reaching the utopia of quality sleep, you are not alone. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, 40% of Australian adults experience some form of inadequate sleep.

At Home Sanctuary we believe that the set up for a quality sleep starts in the home, so to help you catch more Z’s for longer we have dreamt up our favourite Sleep Sanctuary night-time rituals.

  • Sleeping and sleeping only

Bedrooms are for sleeping, unwinding and restoring. To create the most relaxing, sleepy bedroom before tucking yourself into bed, remove all objects from the bedroom that are not conducive to unwinding. Move all work-related items such as computers, pagers, study notes, to-do lists and unread mail out of the room before going to sleep. If that’s not feasible, at least place them out of sight during the twilight hours.

  • Declutter

Before turning out the light, fold up and put away the items on the floor. A clean floor will not only make the space feel calmer, but will reduce your stress levels, aiding in the ease of sleep. The bonus of tidying up at night is that you will also set yourself up for the day ahead as you wake up to a clean room in the morning.

  • Snuggle into your sleepwear

Taking off the clothes you have worn for the day and slipping into favourite PJs signifies that it is time to rest. Just like a new shirt gives us confidence for a job interview, sleepwear tells our subconscious that it’s time to calm down. While it might be easier to roll into bed as you are, I recommend trying to dedicate one to two pieces of your wardrobe to sleep in.

  • Hygge lighting

Just like TV and phone screens keep us awake, so does bright lighting. One or two hours before it’s time to sleep, dim the lights in your home, light a candle and even play some soft music. The Danish method of hygge, (meaning cosy) recommends using lamps instead of ceiling lights, and candles wherever possible. Low lighting helps our melatonin levels to naturally rise, setting us up for a quality, restful sleep.

  • Make the bed

Finally, take time to make the bed before you start your day. Not only will it instantly declutter your bedroom, but it will mean you’ll be treating future you to that lovely ‘tucked in sheets’ feeling – no more crawling back into a mess of sheets and pillows at the end of a long day.

Now to tackle the rest of the house! For more sanctuary creating tips, check out Three Simple Tips For Making Your House Into A Home. After you’ve had a good night’s sleep, of course.”

Article by Barre Body : Web, Instagram, Facebook.

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our non-gmo promise

The issue of genetically modified food has people concerned for many reasons. GMO, “genetically modified organisms”, basically means that they have been created scientifically in a laboratory using genetic-modification techniques. Scientists, consumer and environmental groups have lobbied against genetic interference of our food for health and environmental reasons.

While there are regulations about GMO foods in many countries, they don’t apply to cosmetics and skin care products. We are aware of people’s concern regarding GMO ingredients cosmetics affecting human health.

Even if cosmetics are only applied to our body, we all know that skin is the largest organ in the body. To date, there is no scientific evidence that GMO ingredients used in cosmetics are unsafe, but still we want to give peace of mind to our customers.

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authentically beautiful

The goddess that is Lara Ekuwa Baidoo shared with us her wisdom around shining your unique truth and living a life of complete authenticity. Lara is passionate about creating safe spaces for strong women of colour to help them heal from past trauma and guide them into stepping fully into their unique and authentic magic – all through the power of storytelling.


Lara has created a beautiful online space and coaching course which supports the challenges faced by women of colour on their healing journeys. Through sharing her own experiences and healing journey, Lara shows just how magical it is to be real, raw and unapologetically authentic. Read More

all about this beauty: translucent corn powder

Banish shine with this ultra-light translucent powder that naturally absorbs oil from the face. Made with corn, there’s no better way to combat excessive moisture from the skin’s surface.

It’s multi-functional, so you can use alone to control shine or over foundation as a finisher.

Use lightly over eyeshadow and lipstick for prolonged wear. Apply with the Ere Perez Kabuki Brush and keep with you throughout the day..

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all things natural

Melissa Ambrosini completely encompasses all things natural beauty and self-love. She is a health and wellness guru, self-love advocate, best-selling author, speaker, host of her own podcast and all-round authentic human.

This beauty chooses only the most natural and eco-friendly products to add a little extra oomph to her look.

Melissa_All Things Natural2

Here’s how to get her look using the all-natural Ere Perez makeup: Read More

sustainable palm oil

We know you care about the issue of palm oil – and so do we…

We take seriously the environmental concerns of the palm oil industry and endeavour to minimise use of this ingredient in our products. Our company is constantly looking for sustainable alternatives not just for this palm oil, but for all our formulations and packaging.

While we are working towards phasing out palm oil entirely, we have taken the best action possible to mitigate against our minimal usage.

We are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and have approval to use their logo. This means that we have calculated the total amount of palm oil used in our formulations, including products where there may be possible palm-oil derivatives, and we offset this with the purchase of RSPO certified credits. These credits incentivise the production of certified sustainable palm oil.

You will see this authorisation on our packaging with the following symbol.logo RSPO Credits  

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light thoughts

Light is an essential part of our world. It warms us, makes plants grow, helps us see in the dark. It is heralded as holy in religions, ceremonies, light begins every new day. We use the word in our speech often without even realising it – lighten your load; lighten up; I felt lighter.

Light can also be used to describe the quality of our thoughts. How we think & feel about ourselves and others. There’s a lot of talk these days about positive thoughts vs negative thoughts. And sometimes, it seems unrealistic. If we are feeling really negative about something, making a positive or happy statement about it just feels false! You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes we can’t fake how we feel, we just have to feel it.

I’d like to share something a meditation teacher once told me. Rather than reaching for a ‘positive’ thought, try to find one that is a step lighter. In practical terms, what does this mean? Read More

pleasure and pms

Emmie Rae is a Restorative Yoga teacher based in Sydney, Australia. She created her journal to share her relaxation practices and inspiration. We’ve been inspired by this article about pleasure and premenstrual syndrome.

“Last month will go down in history as The Month I Suffered Zero Pre-Menstrual Syndrome symptoms.

Suffering zero PMS symptoms always seemed to me, a ridiculous goal. A goal that takes an interest in health too far, that strives for perfection, that comes at the sake of having any fun or semblance of a life or personality remain.

I have noticed in myself, that PMS symptoms generally appear to be, almost directly related to how stressful the last month of my life was. And while ridding myself of them completely, only to run out into the woods as the full moon rises and bleed directly into the earth wearing a floaty white dress is not really my goal (but cool if it’s yours) to be able to experience less discomfort and more chill (though crying at unrequited love between tv show characters is allowed) is generally a good thing.

Which brings me to pleasure. Wait what?

Pleasure is an interesting topic for people interested in health, wellness, yoga, whatever the thing is.

So, when thinking about minimising PMS (or with anything, really) it’s less about dealing with the symptoms as they arise, and more about looking at your month as a whole layering in more rest, supportive foods and practices, and also more pleasure, fun and stuff that lights you up. Notice what happens when you look at it this way:

What small things can I add in every day?

For me, the daily things are simple, easy, enjoyable and health supporting. Its yoga practice, rest, green juice, infusion drinking & dry brushing – I layered these over years. Start with one and go from there.

What can I add in every week?

Here’s where I start to struggle and go into denial. This might look like massage, sauna, a restorative or yin yoga class, a sleep in or nap, a pedicure, a facial or a meal at a super fancy restaurant with your favourite person. On a budget? Make your own scrub from coffee ground, sugar and coconut oil and do a shower / scrub / hair wash / self massage / foot bath / savasana. Look at these weekly experiences not from a place of oh I should but a I really want, love and deserve this and it’s good for me so I’m going to schedule it in.

Where am I denying myself pleasure and joy?

Do you love clothes and fashion but put off buying what you really love, or taking the time to get dressed up? Maybe it’s going out all night dancing. Maybe its spending four hours curled up on the couch reading a really good book. Maybe it’s more massage. Maybe it’s going out for a drink with girlfriends. When we get really clear, we know when it’s something we really want and love and have been denying ourselves in a never-ending quest to be THE HEALTHIEST AND GOODEST PERSON EVER, not something we’re doing to numb or out of habit.

Link to Emmie’s full article:

NB: Of course, if you have severe and debilitating PMS, work with a professional

Link to Emmie Rae’s Instagram, Web.

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gorgeous in gorgeous

Allie Athanasio is a gorgeous, curvaceous model and self-love advocate. She creates amazing content surrounding these, and a few more juicy, topics, which she shares with her strong social media following.


When not sharing her wisdom, Allie is also an actress, wanderer and all-round creative, who shares her vibrant life and love and inner positivity with the world. She uses her voice to inspire women to embrace and love their natural beauty and is also a huge advocate for mental health awareness.

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