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smoothie for healthy hair

Christophe Robin is a celebrity colorist & Founder of “Christophe Robin haircare“,  dedicated to sensitive and color-treated hair, using natural ingredients. To boost the external action of hair hydration, Christophe Robin shares his recipe gorged in vitamins, minerals and nutrients to strengthen the hair and add shine. “Why is my hair dull, lifeless and lacking elasticity?”, “Why is my hair static?” “Why does it inflate at the slightest sign of humidity?”. These are all signs of the same underlying cause: hair dehydration. Hair needs hydration, just like skin does. Wind, cold weather, sun and friction caused by hats or scarves are all factors contributing to hair’s dryness on a daily basis.

black friday smoothie

We love eating from all colours of the rainbow. The hardest to incorporate is definitely the colour black! There are very few foods that are that deep midnight colour. I can think of black garlic, black rice, eggplant skin, black turtle beans… And then – there’s charcoal! What was traditionally only thought of as fuel for a winter fire has made its way into our diet due to its natural healing properties for your body. When ingested, activated charcoal works to trap toxins & chemicals so they can be flushed from your system. Great known uses of activated charcoal include as a natural teeth whitener, to aid and improve digestion and bloating, emergency toxin removal, anti-aging and to naturally reduce cholesterol. Incorporate charcoal into your diet with our recipe for our BLACK FRIDAY SMOOTHIE!

inner glow smoothie bowl

Blogger Honestly Alessandra dedicates herself to guide us through nutrition, whole food-plant based recipes , beauty tips and more… Check out her “inner glow smoothie bowl” recipe, we love it! “When it comes to beauty, I’ve always looked for that all round, radiant, inner glow. You know, that looks like you have just stepped out of the sea onto a beach on a relaxing holiday. What if I told you that you could have this all year round, minus the tan, well depending where you are in the world, but clear skin, glowing from within and less wrinkles… of course you can! You just need to be feeding your body with the right things. What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put onto it and that you guys is the secret, it’s that simple. Our planet has given us everything we need to feed each and every one of our cells with and it’s in our foods, we just need to know the right things to eat so that our body understands what …

get glowing smoothie bowl

Carla Oates, known as ‘The Beauty Chef’, is a naturalist who is passionate about nature and the profound synergy we share with it. Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Carla has been researching, writing and teaching about organic beauty and health for the last fifteen years. Check here her recipe for “Get Glowing Smoothie Bowl”, one of the many great recipes in her best selling book “Feeding Your Skin”.

Deliciously Vegan Cherry and Acai Berry smoothie!

Eating “clean” doesn’t have to be boring with this yummy recipe: Indulge yourself with a healthy, nutritious drink made with super powerful Acai berries. What’s so great about Acai Berries? This amazing fruit belongs to the species of berries found only in the Amazon. Acai berries contain assorted antioxidants, including anthocyanins, flavonoids, Xanthones; vitamins, such as A, C, B1, B2, B3, and E and the essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, and 9.  They also contain minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorous and potassium. It’s incredible that all of that fits into a tiny fruit, right! Everyone wants more elastic and youthful looking skin and Acai berries can help you achieve this with their unique properties. They may also help with controlling acne, hyper pigmentation and with healing scars due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The following recipe is perfect for summer, containing acai, bananas and cherries, that are also great for health, containing antioxidants like anthocyanins and also Melatonin to promote healthy sleep. The best news is you can now get Acai berries in most health …