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Household cleaning without chemicals

Yes, people did actually have clean and germ-free homes before the invention of bleach! You can cause so much more damage to yourself and your family by using highly toxic, chemical cleaning products around your home under the guise of creating a germ-free environment. So, time to go back to old school, non-toxic cleaning. Here are 3 of the best. Anti-bacterial – Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus oil is a truly versatile product for all home cleaning and anti-bac use… You can get bottles of it from the supermarket and although it’s not cheap, it lasts ages. it can be mixed with water in a spritzer bottle to clean most surfaces, is great on floors, as an air-freshener, toilet cleaner, degreaser, anti-bacterial cleaner and pest deterrent…  I also put a few drops in the laundry (it can kill dust mites) and to soak smelly cloths. Floor Cleaner – 20 drops of eucalyptus oil to a bucket of hot water (you can add white vinegar for extra shine). Wipe neat oil (using cotton wool ball) around areas prone …


How to live a less toxic life

No matter what you do, where you go or how you live your life, unless you’re living under a rock in the middle of nowhere, it’s pretty hard to avoid toxins. Our daily lives are full of them. They’re in the atmosphere, in our food and drink, cans and bottles, in our toiletries, cleaning products, furniture, clothes, house paint, drinking water and even in our computers. We actually even make toxins ourselves through our own stress! These daily chemicals safe or are thought to be linked to issues such as lower IQ, cancer and reproductive problems and could well play a part in all sorts of illnesses. We simply don’t know what their effects are. We’re actually exposed to toxins from within the womb, from chemicals that travel across the placenta and into the foetus. These chemicals can be known toxins such as mercury, lead and BPA (found in plastics) or other unknown toxins that we simply have no idea we’re ingesting. In ABC’s Catalyst programme last week, Dr Maryanne Demasi investigated the chemicals found …


Inspirational woman: Sarah Wilson

The lovely Sarah Wilson is one of Australia’s best-known media commentators in the health, health living and beauty fields; as well as being a journalist, author and magazine editor. In her twenties, Sarah was a restaurant reviewer and editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. She was also the host of the hugely successful first series of MasterChef Australia and face of Lifestyle You. Following her diagnosis with autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, Sarah began to look at different ways to manage her illness. These ways included following a toxin free, sugar free diet as well as reviewing her attitude to health and exercise. Sarah’s books, IQuitSugar and I Quit Sugar For Life have been a huge success and spawned a successful business,  including a series of cookbooks, which she manages with her Sarah Wilson blog and media work, while cycling and hiking in her spare time. You have a pretty crazy schedule with and your media work; how do you keep up your energy levels, especially when you’re travelling? Meditating once or twice a day and doing exercise every morning, even …