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SOS marmalade, ultimate skin rescue

What is it? Introducing the ultimate solve-all salve for your skin. Papaya SOS marmalade is our new skin recovery remedy that utilises the properties of fermented papaya to help your skin to heal. This pot of goodness also delivers a fruity cocktail of coconut, hemp, chia and grapefruit oil with the essential antioxidants, vitamins and omegas essential for skin repair. An all-in-one remedy rich in zinc, magnesium & potassium with calendula to calm inflammation. What’s it for? Advertisements

ere perez skincare – for a good skin day

powerhouse botanical skincare 15 years working with natural makeup has lead Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics to a new venture. We now offer the whole package – healthy skin for a flawless complexion. The ideal face care range; unique Australian made products suitable for everyone and anytime, jam packed with active botanicals to protect, support and maintain a soft, hydrated and healthy complexion. We are so proud of our botanical skincare essentials for a good skin day, every day! herbal face tonic revive + refresh + balance

face nectar – for you & for everyone

We know that life gets busy, that you are often rushing out the door, multi-tasking, juggling many things at once; this is the world we live in! That’s why we’ve created our new face nectar, to take the thinking out of skin care. This new skin hero, Australian blue cypress face nectar, has been specifically designed to give skin optimum hydration and nourishment without the fuss. It is for day and night use, ideal for male and female complexions and suits all ages. It is the universal face nectar that loves everyone! We celebrate diversity, each person’s unique essence, and this nectar reflects just that.

all about this beauty: australian blue cypress face nectar

For a good skin day We have distilled our knowledge and passion into a blend to deeply nourish your skin day and night. You want a good skin day every day, and we’re here to help you get it. After thirteen years in the business of caring for skin naturally, we wanted to use our extensive experience to give you more of what you want. Here is our first botanical blend, a product that revitalizes skin in a few drops. Australian blue cypress face nectar

look – make time for moisture

Skin is our biggest organ and like the rest of our body, it needs moisture! The skin on our face is just as thirsty and if you wear makeup, it is essential that you prime your skin with moisture first. Make up helps skin look great, but let’s make sure we look after it underneath. Our newly launched Australian blue cypress face nectar is the ultimate skin quenching botanical boost that instantly adds moisture and hydration in a few drops. It is the perfect way to plump up skin, improve elasticity, and help make up to adhere better to the skin. Apply before you put on your makeup and you’ll notice how dewy and glowing your complexion is. Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t skip this step, it’s so helpful in helping you get the skin you want. Dry, lack-lustre, tired looking skin can take a hike because natural skin radiance is your new thing…

skin loving food

Alyce Cimino is a Naturopath (BHs Naturopathy) and owner of Ahara Health – Naturopathic + wholefood collective on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Alyce has a passion for wholefood cooking and using food to nourish the body and mind.  When Alyce isn’t in the kitchen or at the farmers market you can find her at the beach enjoying the ocean and sunshine. Discover here her article about ‘skin loving food’. “There is nothing more beautiful than the confidence that healthy glowing skin brings. As a Naturopath, I believe that healthy gorgeous skin comes from within. Our skin tells the story of our overall health; if our hormones are happy, if our liver is clearing toxins effectively or if needs a little more support, or perhaps that we need the support of a specific nutrient.

a guide to personal care products and pregnancy

We’re always so happy to collaborate with beautiful brands, and Edible Beauty is definitely one of them. Anna Mitsios, founder of Edible Beauty, firmly believes that we can all be beautiful by nurturing our body, mind and soul. Discover here one of her most recent bog post, where she shares how to take care of yourself and your body during pregnancy. “Whilst there is an abundance of information regarding foods to avoid during pregnancy, there lot of confusion around what women should be using on their bodies. This is equally important given we can absorb approximately 60% of what we put on our skin and given the placenta is not the barrier we once thought.

new beginnings

They say there’s a reason and a season for everything and as the year draws to a close (it’s November already!) we are celebrating the challenges, successes & learning of this year but also looking with excitement to 2017. We are always striving to find better ways to create the most beautiful natural skincare products and next year will be full of new things! We’ve been all about makeup for 13years and our evolution is not complete: we love to update, refresh, evolve our formulations, colour palettes, sustainability and packaging. We’ve made a big step for the environment this year, getting certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute to be Carbon Neutral. Now, we can happily announce we are expanding into products for the whole body and face..!

Inspirational Woman: Taryn Williams

Taryn Williams is a leading figure in Australia’s talent and modelling industry. She founded WINK Models in 2007, which she developed into a national business with an annual turnover over AU$3 million. She’s just launched her new venture,, an online agency that aims to remove bias and empower models and clients alike to make informed decisions about their next job or casting. She lives in Potts Point, Sydney and as a lover of all exercise, Taryn frequents as many different gyms, yoga or pilates studios as possible! What does being naturally beautiful mean to you? It means being radiant, from the inside out. Beauty comes from so many places, including being compassionate, loving, having confidence, laughing, loving your own skin and the way you interact with the world. What inspires you? Seeing other people succeed. It really does motivate you, especially if you’ve had a tough day, nothing inspires me more than seeing other people who have really fought their own battles and created something incredible. Top 3 inspirational women? Sheryl Sandberg – her book ‘Lean In’ was a really pivotal moment …

Coconut and Tea Tree Overnight Healing Remedy

Treat impurities with this quick and easy natural remedy – and see the results overnight! No one likes an uninvited blemish, but luckily we have a quick solution, with fantastic benefits. It’s so easy to make and you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen or bathroom! All you need is tea tree oil and coconut oil. When these two ingredients join forces, they become the perfect duo for overnight healing!  Their antiseptic and antibacterial properties may reduce and prevent blemishes to reappear, giving you smoother, more hydrated skin. Together they create a serum that can help reduce redness and help to avoid scarring, speeding up the regeneration of tissue and cellular growth. Follow these simple steps: Use 1/8 cup of coconut oil, add 4 drops of tea tree oil and mix in a reused Ere Perez`s Calendula container. Apply to or the affected areas with a cotton bud or pad. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. *********** Versión español Sana tu piel mientras duermes utilizando coco y árbol de té …