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new beginnings

They say there’s a reason and a season for everything and as the year draws to a close (it’s November already!) we are celebrating the challenges, successes & learning of this year but also looking with excitement to 2017. We are always striving to find better ways to create the most beautiful natural skincare products and next year will be full of new things! We’ve been all about makeup for 13years and our evolution is not complete: we love to update, refresh, evolve our formulations, colour palettes, sustainability and packaging. We’ve made a big step for the environment this year, getting certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute to be Carbon Neutral. Now, we can happily announce we are expanding into products for the whole body and face..!


Inspirational Woman: Taryn Williams

Taryn Williams is a leading figure in Australia’s talent and modelling industry. She founded WINK Models in 2007, which she developed into a national business with an annual turnover over AU$3 million. She’s just launched her new venture,, an online agency that aims to remove bias and empower models and clients alike to make informed decisions about their next job or casting. She lives in Potts Point, Sydney and as a lover of all exercise, Taryn frequents as many different gyms, yoga or pilates studios as possible! What does being naturally beautiful mean to you? It means being radiant, from the inside out. Beauty comes from so many places, including being compassionate, loving, having confidence, laughing, loving your own skin and the way you interact with the world. What inspires you? Seeing other people succeed. It really does motivate you, especially if you’ve had a tough day, nothing inspires me more than seeing other people who have really fought their own battles and created something incredible. Top 3 inspirational women? Sheryl Sandberg – her book ‘Lean In’ was a really pivotal moment …

overnight healing

Coconut and Tea Tree Overnight Healing Remedy

Treat impurities with this quick and easy natural remedy – and see the results overnight! No one likes an uninvited blemish, but luckily we have a quick solution, with fantastic benefits. It’s so easy to make and you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen or bathroom! All you need is tea tree oil and coconut oil. When these two ingredients join forces, they become the perfect duo for overnight healing!  Their antiseptic and antibacterial properties may reduce and prevent blemishes to reappear, giving you smoother, more hydrated skin. Together they create a serum that can help reduce redness and help to avoid scarring, speeding up the regeneration of tissue and cellular growth. Follow these simple steps: Use 1/8 cup of coconut oil, add 4 drops of tea tree oil and mix in a reused Ere Perez`s Calendula container. Apply to or the affected areas with a cotton bud or pad. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. *********** Versión español Sana tu piel mientras duermes utilizando coco y árbol de té …


Antioxidants – nature’s protectors and fighters

Sadly we just haven’t quite found the secret to eternal youth, but antioxidants are arguably the nearest we will come in terms of finding the best anti-ageing, protect and repair elixir that nature has to offer! Antioxidants reduce the damage to our body due to oxidation. When oxygen is metabolised, it creates ‘free radicals’ that steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage. The body can cope with some free radicals and needs them to function effectively, but too many free radicals start to have a damaging effect on the body and have been linked to heart disease, liver disease and some cancers. Stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol, sunlight, pollution and several other factors can also accelerate oxidation – more reason to stay calm and give up the booze and the cigarettes! This is why smokers and those who drink a lot have more skin and tissue damage and are more prone to some diseases than non-smokers/non-drinkers. However, oxidation is a fact of life – but its damaging effects can be reduced by antioxidants, which are found …


How to live a less toxic life

No matter what you do, where you go or how you live your life, unless you’re living under a rock in the middle of nowhere, it’s pretty hard to avoid toxins. Our daily lives are full of them. They’re in the atmosphere, in our food and drink, cans and bottles, in our toiletries, cleaning products, furniture, clothes, house paint, drinking water and even in our computers. We actually even make toxins ourselves through our own stress! These daily chemicals safe or are thought to be linked to issues such as lower IQ, cancer and reproductive problems and could well play a part in all sorts of illnesses. We simply don’t know what their effects are. We’re actually exposed to toxins from within the womb, from chemicals that travel across the placenta and into the foetus. These chemicals can be known toxins such as mercury, lead and BPA (found in plastics) or other unknown toxins that we simply have no idea we’re ingesting. In ABC’s Catalyst programme last week, Dr Maryanne Demasi investigated the chemicals found …


The humble, yet beautiful daisy – April’s flower

Did you know that the Daisy is officially the flower of April? Well now you do! And this most humble and unassuming family of flowers is actually one of the earth’s most precious and well used for health and beauty purposes, as well as many other uses. The Daisy family, also known as the Asteraceae, composite or sunflower family is the second largest flowering plant family after the Orchidaceae. This family has a remarkable ecological and economical importance thriving in pretty much every corner of the planet, from the polar regions to the tropics and providing local economies with products such as cooking oils, lettuce, sunflower seeds, artichokes, sweetening agents, coffee substitutes, and herbal teas (like chamomile). The family also includes the gorgeous garden flowers, marigold, pot marigold (also known as calendula), various daisies, chrysanthemums, dahlias and many more. Asteraceae are important in herbal medicine, including Grindelia, known as “gumweed”; Echinacea, thought to be an immune system booster and yarrow, which has a long history as a powerful ‘healing herb’ used topically for wounds, cuts …

Photo credit: Rebecca Strain.

Inspirational Woman: Zoe Tuckwell-Smith

Zoe Tuckwell-Smith is one of Australia’s best-loved young actresses. Known for her leading role in Winners & Losers, she has appeared in many films and TV series, including Home & Away, All Saints and thriller, Gone. She lives in Melbourne with actor/director partner Damon Gameau and their one-year-old daughter, Velvet. Your little girl has just turned one! How has your life changed in a year? Magnificently. I never expected to love being a mummy as much as I do. It’s the most joyful I’ve ever felt! How do you juggle working as an actress and being a mum? I don’t really! I only went back for a few months after Velvet was born to finish up a job I’d been on for some time. It was really difficult juggling it all. I’m finished now and have taken the rest of the year off to be a mum. Are you a healthy eater? Yes, I eat really well and enjoy cooking a lot. I prefer savoury food over sweet any day and I’m sure most of …


Ten easy steps to better health in 2015

You don’t have to be a total health nut, suddenly go vegan or vow to run 10 kms a day. You just have to make some minor adjustments and be good to yourself. Being healthy is actually EASY… Getting healthy and changing to a healthier regime can be quite daunting. That’s why our New Year’s Resolutions so often fail. We simply ask too much of ourselves and end up giving up and going back to our old ways. The trick is to try not to overcomplicate your new year’s health regime. Don’t set unachievable goals. Just aim to make some easy adjustments. Here are some of the easiest ways to get healthy for 2015. Water – there’s no real minimum or maximum you have to drink every day. Everyone is different. But as long as your pee is clear and light in colour, you’re drinking enough!! Juice – we don’t mean cartons of concentrated juice that’s full of sugar, we’re talking good old-fashioned home-juiced raw veggies! A juice every morning will set you up for …