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new beginnings

They say there’s a reason and a season for everything and as the year draws to a close (it’s November already!) we are celebrating the challenges, successes & learning of this year but also looking with excitement to 2017. We are always striving to find better ways to create the most beautiful natural skincare products and next year will be full of new things! We’ve been all about makeup for 13years and our evolution is not complete: we love to update, refresh, evolve our formulations, colour palettes, sustainability and packaging. We’ve made a big step for the environment this year, getting certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute to be Carbon Neutral. Now, we can happily announce we are expanding into products for the whole body and face..!

expanded horizons

We all know that special feeling, butterflies in the tummy, throat a little tight, a mix of anticipation and expectation as the plane takes off. It’s the feeling of leaving the daily grind behind, of soaring to new heights and reaching new shores. Travel may seem like a luxury, an added bonus if we get everything else right, but expanding your horizons is much more than that. A holiday, be it for two days or two months does more than relax us. It makes us better people.

Sharing our wellbeing philosophy in Mexico

Recently Ere has spent some months back in Mexico, where she ended the year by spreading our wellbeing philosophy. On every trip to her homeland, Ere focuses her attention on improving product formulations, looking for and discussing new product ideas and initiating new projects with the Ere Perez team in Mexico. Over the last couple of months of her trip, Ere attended three events in Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana, where she met up with our brand’s well known Mexican followers, such as: Ainoha Moura creator of the blog, Vanguardia Sustentable Sisy Garza,  personal trainer and specialist in pilates Sandra Estrada, Yoga master, Pilates Holistic health coach and food psychologist, creator of the blog, Punto Equilibrio Claudia Zaragoza, aka Health Coach Clau, world class triathlete and Healthy Chef Monica Prieto y Marcella Macklis, holistic nutritionists and health coaches via their website, Diseñando tu Salud (designing your health). This amazing group of women, who live to promote sustainability, ethical, healthy and ecological living, talked about how to achieve a healthier life, focusing on the food we eat, making healthier choices, exercising more and …

Inspirational Woman: Lisa Bronner

Lisa Bronner is the granddaughter of the late Dr. Emanuel Bronner, founder of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, and sister to David and Mike Bronner, who currently run the company along with her husband and mother. A former English and Journalism teacher, Lisa is now a stay at home mum of three school-aged children and runs/writes the “Going Green with a Bronner Mom” (, but in addition to raising her kids and blogging, she is very active in her church’s Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program. Lisa founded her blog in 2009 to help others make the transition to a healthier home and lifestyle. As a Bronner, she receives a flood of information and insider tips regarding body care and home care, food, nutrition and GMOs, hemp, organics, and Fair Trade, among other “green” topics. She brings all this to bear in writing her blog, along with focusing on the versatility of the Dr. Bronner’s products. How did you come up with the Going Green blog?  My brother Mike Bronner asked me to start the blog in an effort to address the boatloads …