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Give some Love for our new UK Retailer!

We’re continuing to build on our brand internationally and have just launched with another fantastic online retailer in the UK – LoveLula. LoveLula is one of the leading online natural cosmetics and skincare retailers in Europe and supports the growth of the chemical free, cruelty free natural cosmetics market in the UK and internationally. Give them some love and find our products here:    


Pro Pick: Mascara Mania with Ere Perez

Have you ever rushed out of the house forgetting to add a lick of mascara and spent the entire day feeling naked?! I know you know what I’m talking about! Whether you love a little makeup or a lot, mascara is one of those miracle cosmetic products that few of us could bear to live without. By enhancing the shape of the eye and defining the lashes, all it takes is a few little licks and you’re instantly feeling more awake and ready to face the day. Enter: Ere Perez’s gorgeous range of natural mascaras! Volumizing Waterproof mascara – the only natural waterproof mascara on the market! All-Day Sunflower Oil mascara – a long lasting brown to accentuate length and add shine. Natural Almond Oil mascara – glossy black to strengthen, lengthen, condition and stimulate growth. Lash & Brow Aloe Vera Gel mascara – clear multi purpose for a clean, wet look. Why I love Ere Perez mascaras: Natural ingredients mean no nasty eye irritation! Now if there’s anywhere we should be especially concerned about using …


Our Retailers

Did you know that you can find us in over 800 retailers across Australia and NZ? We’re lucky to have the most unique and loyal customers and friends in countries across the globe, including USA, Australia, NZ, Mexico, Singapore, the Philippines and UK. Check out our range in your nearest stockist here:    


Get the Look: Day out with the girls

For professional, natural makeup artist, Emmily Banks, ‘girl time’ means looking and feeling good with minimal fuss. Here’s her top product picks for days hanging out with the girls.  Ere Perez Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation:  When I’m hanging out with the girls I just want something light to even out my skin tone and blemishes without looking like I have a full face of foundation on. This amazingly light powder foundation soothes as it covers blemishes, spots, redness, pigmentation or sun damage. Simply apply all over with a kabuki brush create a flawless, fresh face without covering up any of your natural beauty. Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Bronze Tones: A quick dusting of bronzer can make all the difference between a ‘straight out of bed’ flat face or gorgeously sculpted ‘ready for anything’ one. For quick and easy application, use the Ere Perez Eco Vegan Kabuki Brush or Powder Brush, applying below cheekbones and rounding up to temples in a ‘C’ shape. Finish it off with a light dusting of the forehead, nose and chin. …


Inspirational Woman: Kate Johnson

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that the beautiful Australian model, former beauty queen, graphic designer and animal advocate has led a charmed life. Indeed, she has in many ways, thought her life has also been peppered with tragedy and loss, which according to Kate has made her stronger, family-focused and determined to live a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. You’ve had a tough year, how have you remained positive? I have to admit he last year has also been a huge one for many reasons, including the health of both my parents. My mother is a quadriplegic following a car accident when I was nine, and is now dealing with intricacies of kidney failure. My father, now retired, had surgery for bowel cancer this time last year and after given the all clear has since been diagnosed with prostate cancer. So it’s safe to say my life in the fast lane modeling and going to events every other day has changed dramatically! Sometimes life gives you a little wake up call to the important things in life, and for me, that means my family. You open two gifts every morning; they are your eyes. It’s taken …


How to: Call out your “celestial goddess”

There’s something heavenly in connecting with the beauty and mystery of nature. It stirs up the magic in me! Let this simple ‘Celestial Goddess’ look bring your own natural sparkle to the surface with 10 of my favourite products from Ere Perez. Ere Perez Natural Oatmilk Foundation: Create a flawless base with this light and creamy liquid foundation. Begin in the centre of the face and blend outwards using the fingers or a foundation brush until you have created an even, medium coverage. Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Bronzer: Add some gentle contouring and golden highlights to the cheeks with this beautiful bronzer. Apply below the cheekbones, sweeping up towards the temples. Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder ‘Bondi Blush’: For a faint, whimsical blush, swirl your brush over both shades and apply a light, dusting to the apples of the cheeks. Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter ‘Falling Star’: Create an ethereal glow by applying this light-reflecting highlighter to the brow bones, cheekbones and cupid’s bow. Use your fingertips to apply a fine coating on the skin and blend carefully. …


How to brush for blush perfection!

It seems like a really obvious thing, but if you’re not an expert makeup applicator, then there are some good tips for applying blush and bronzer or contour. Use the right tool! Use the right brush with your blusher or bronzer – one that’s suited to pressed powder and that will allow you to direction your application movements. The best blush brushes are long handled, large brushes with tapered or ponytail shaped bristles to give you direction. Use natural hair (as long as it’s cruelty free) or nylon bristles, but make sure you wash your brush often to keep it clean and in shape. Applying blush for your face shape There are 5 main face shape types: round, long, square, oval and heart and the way you apply your blusher can bring out the best in your face shape. Just a few simple rules, directions and focus areas make all the difference. Round – Apply along cheekbones in an upwards direction to slim the face Oval – Apply along the apples and flick upwards towards …


Bridal makeup: Look your natural best on your big day

Your wedding day is when you should look as naturally beautiful as possible, and makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not hide or mask it with a face that isn’t yours! So don’t overdo it, simple is best.  You want to look good for photos, but most importantly, you should look like you; like the person your partner fell in love with. Always remember to moisturise first with a drop of jojoba oil for best makeup finish. Face: Naturally blushing bride Use a base of Natural Oatmilk Foundation to create a smooth, silky, natural base. Apply Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in falling star to your cheekbones and eye sockets – you can also use as a primer for your eyelids to make eye makeup really pop. Apply Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm in Healthy or Holy; or Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint for a natural blush effect. Eyes: Big eyes for the camera, but no tear stains! Use Creative Chamomile Eye Shadow Duo in Without Clothes or It’s A Girl for a no-makeup look, or …