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trouble spots

We all want beautiful skin. Even if you sleep well, drink water, cut caffeine & alcohol, exercise, eat clean & green, cleanse, tone, moisturise – you can still end up with something you don’t like about your skin. These days, social media can make us feel like our skin is flawed. We have to remind ourselves most of what we see online is edited, photoshopped, airbrushed, filtered and often involves a hundred products to get that one shot. We know this, but still, we all want perfect airbrushed-in-real-life skin! There’s redness, dry patches, dark circles, pregnancy pigmentation, hormonal breakouts and those weird giant spots that pop up out of nowhere… welcome to reality and real skin. Through all of these little changes, or issues that can feel like big problems as we struggle to resolve them – we have to love our skin.

from mum to daughter

I remember when I was a little girl and I used to watch my mum doing her makeup. I was amazed. I loved the colours, the powders and the sparkles. I can say that the person who started me on makeup was my mum. And I’m very thankful that the person I love the most is a connection to my passion When we are young, the moment we start using makeup is as important as the day we buy our first bra or our first pair of heels. We all remember the first time we applied liner and the fear we had of poking our eye. So what´s better than taking this step that connects us more as mother and daughter in a fun and relaxed way. That´s why I’m going to give you some tips to guide your daughter to a clean, conscious & curious beauty lifestyle. First of all, it is important to leave prohibitions aside. Since I was young, makeup has been a way of expression and I´m thankful that my mum …

hyperpigmentation: don’t cover it, glow with it!

Hyperpigmentation is no joke! As a makeup artist, I come across many women asking for a full coverage foundation. They ask me to apply foundation & concealer, plus makeup powder all over the face, in order to cover their pigmentation as much as they can. But let’s be honest: too much makeup doesn’t make us feel fresh or free! Something in these women’s eyes tells me that their hyperpigmentation makes them feel angry, sad, insecure… and basically unpretty. I know it affects them whatever their story is: pregnancy, sun pigmentation or age pigmentation. Personally, I think that every feature of you is beautiful and makes you unique, and you don’t have to feel ashamed. I’m going to share some tips on how to wear a light fresh makeup while covering your pigmentation. The secret is the GLOW.

How to deal with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be the bane of your life. Apart from being uncomfortable it can lead to redness that can make you self-conscious.  There are four main types of sensitivity: acne, rosacea, burning / stinging and contact dermatitis (allergies and irritants, also including eczema), but they all have inflammation in common. Common causes of sensitivities: Chemicals and irritants: Artificial perfumes, dyes, harsh chemicals and preservatives. Climate: dry winter air, over exposure to sun and also central heating or air conditioning. Poor diet & dehydration Dirt & pollution like exhaust fumes, smoke and dust that irritate and weaken the skin’s natural barrier. Hard water – iron, magnesium and calcium in water can affect skin quite a bit.   You can use a water softener to help. Hormones – there’s not really a huge amount you can do about hormones, except try to keep your skin generally as natural and clean as possible to minimize hormonal impact. Household cleaners and detergents- use natural ones as far as possible and if you are sensitive, use gloves when using cleaners etc. …