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treat your eyes

We all want shiny bright eyes, whites that are super white and not a touch of redness. Tiredness, too much time staring at screens and pollution or wind can make our eyes red and scratchy. As women, another big factor is what we put on our eyes. It can all look okay in the mirror – but who knows the feeling of checking your reflection later in a mirror and seeing those puffy, sore eyes staring back? Luckily – in 2019, there’s a solution! People talk a lot about detoxing from toxins and chemicals, and makeup is so important. Especially the eyes. If you feel your eyes reacting to eyeshadow and stinging when you wear your favourite mascara, it’s a sign that you need to switch to natural makeup. Our eyes tell a lot about our body, so let’s listen to what the information we are giving us…

embrace your best features

Makeup used to be to cover over and hide the skin – thankfully, those days are gone! We are all about using makeup to allow your natural beauty to shine. Most of the time we want to look like we didn’t try too hard, we haven’t spent hours in front of the mirror and we want our skin to breathe, rather than be overwhelmed by a thick layer of daily makeup. Plus, a more minimal approach to makeup can actually highlight your best features. So if you want to draw attention your eyes, your lips or your cheekbones, make your face a neutral palette with natural makeup, and then spend more time on the area you want to draw attention to. For a natural look, less is definitely more and it’s all about where you put the focus.  

Get the look: Creating feature eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul…and they’re also super-sensitive organs, so it’s important to look after them by making sure we use safe, non-toxic and natural products when applying eye makeup. Making eyes the feature of a beauty look is my all-time favourite makeup artistry work! It’s actually really easy to achieve a natural, yet defined “made-up eye” look using Ere Perez Organic Jojoba Oil Eyeliner Pencil and Creative Chamomile Eyeshadow Duos. Let me share a few easy steps, tips and techniques with you! HOT TIPS to keeping your eyes healthy and clear Only ever use natural and organic products near your eyes – such as Ere Perez! Remove your makeup as soon as you are home, unwinding for the evening – let the sensitive skin around your eyes breathe. Clean your makeup brushes using natural washing liquid or diluted tea tree oil, lavender and vinegar – this prevents bacteria buildup in your brush that can transfer to you eyes. Try not to share your makeup brushes with friends –It’s best to keep …