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how to create a soul-expanding “mastering your mean girl” book club

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start truly living the life of their dreams.

Here she speaks about how to create a soul-expanding Mastering Your Mean Girl book club. Read More


yoga just may change your life

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. We all have things that make us feel better and for millions of people around the world, yoga is one of them. It may seem like the world has gone yoga-mad – there’s a studio on every corner, a plethora of technicolour leggings pounding the pavements and suddenly it seems everyone is carrying a rolled up rubber mat to work – but it’s not just any old fad. Yoga is here to stay. Read More


happy new year to all of our beautiful friends!

2017 is here with the fresh energy of a new start and new possibilities. How was the festive season for you? I always find it such a balance between celebrations, spending time with family and fitting in some much needed leisure time as well. Modern life can be very busy indeed, even on holidays! Read More


morning beauty smoothie

Start your morning with a bang, with this beauty breakfast smoothie by naturopath Amy Hotz!

Filled with nutritious ingredients that will promote radiant skin, this smoothie is a quick way to fuel your body for a busy day. The recipe contains the following 5 star natural ingredients that will help you glow from the inside out: Read More


simple everyday look

Wouldn’t it be amazing to only use 3 products in your daily natural makeup routine? Well, here we’ll show you which products are perfect for it!


Rice powder –Bronzer. Pressed powder made with rice, it can be layered on a fresh face to give a natural bronzed look or over foundation and works for both day and night looks. Its super fine and smooth texture makes it an ideal product to add to your daily makeup routine as it adheres easily to the face while allowing the skin to breathe! Apply with our eco vegan blush & bronzer brush. Read More


fresh start 2017

2016 is gone and with it warm & joyful memories. Now 2017 is here and we need to get ready for it! New year is the best time for new beginnings. This brings fresh starts and goals for a brighter year ahead. 

I have written a list of easy things for you to do to achieve a fresh start and make the most of 2017.  Read More


eco snowman

If you want to build a snow man… Make your own snowman out of recycled material from home. I am not sure why but we’re always missing 1 sock from the pair… where they go is still a mystery. But not to worry, I have the perfect use for those lonely socks. Build them into a lovely snowman!

1. What you’ll need:
Read More


stretch it

Fitness and food coach Diana of Bodybewell reminds us of the importance of stretching. Check out her tips here:

How many times have you heard a trainer, fitness guru or your coach say, “You must stretch, you need to stretch, remember your stretches.” Sound familiar?

Wether you are a walker, runner or a weight lifter, your muscles may be tightening due to the load placed on it during the activity you are performing. Muscle tightness can limit your range of motion and this may also cause a muscle imbalance. So think about a time you may have gone for a run and felt sore and stiff the next day. This is muscle tightness. Read More


diy sea salt spray


I am sure everybody would love to be at the beach every day, enjoying the weather and getting those amazing beach hair waves. But let’s be honest, it’s not always possible. So instead we bring you this nourishing, easy to do tutorial on how to achieves the same look at home. Read More


the journey to 24 bins of waste per year – or less…

Since becoming a certified carbon neutral company, we’ve had the chance to meet with Heidi Fog. As an experienced sustainability professional, she shares here with us her easy tips to reduce our ecological footprint.heidi-2

“Apart from saving money on buying packaging, which will eventually end in the waste bin, I also avoid having to put the bins out more than once a month. When a truck starts and stops it pollutes 48 time more than if it was going at a steady speed, which in theory means I avoid 48 trucks going past my house each week. Read More