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hello & harmony: all about these beauties

We LOVE colour. It brightens a day, a mood and a look.

Today we announce our favourite new carrot colour pots to join the family.

HELLO is a bright poppy flower red.

HARMONY is a sweet dusty pink colour.

You can use them as a lip cream and a colour blush! In case you don’t know about brilliant little multi-tasking colour pots, here are the vital details: Read More


taoist beauty secrets

Tahnee McCrossin is a student of the body, weaving the ancient healing traditions of Yoga and Taoism with somatic exploration and modern scientific understanding into an integrated system that supports longevity and self-healing of the body-mind-spirit. Through her work as a yoga and meditation teacher, chi ne tsang practitioner and health researcher, she is striving to reunite the modern body-mind with the spiritual and psychological wisdom of the ancients. She is grateful to be a current student of Mantak Chia, Paul Grilley and Michael Tierra.

She shares with us some precious Taoist beauty secrets.

“Chinese women are renowned for their perfect porcelain skin and anti-ageing lifestyle. Their secrets have been passed down for thousands of years from family to family, but the originators of many of the most secret Chinese beauty practices were the Ancient Taoists. Enamoured with the natural world, they were interested in living long, full, healthy lives in an ageless body (sounds great, right?) and they used energy cultivation and tonic herbs to help them achieve this goal. Read More

look – how to highlight

There’s an art to highlighting so here’s the lowdown on how to highlight like a pro.

You don’t need to be a beauty expert to get this right – just follow our steps to accentuate your angles and you’ll be illuminated. Brought to you by our very own and ultra radiant vanilla highlighter


What you need –

vanilla highlighter – sun halo | carrot colour pot – healthy | natural almond mascara – black | almond eyebrow pencil Read More

cosmetics without talc

Ere Perez powders never contain talc: here is why yours shouldn’t either…

Talc. It was once used for every nappy change, on every beauty conscious lady’s T-zone and for some, in their intimate areas. It was a solution for everything ingredient. A catch all beauty product… then came rumours of something sinister;

Talc may cause cancer.

Not just any kind of cancer.

Talc may cause lung and ovarian cancer. Read More

eyes pencils & lip liners – all about these beauties

Your favourite Jojoba Eye Pencils & Sesame Lip Liners just got a whole lot better. New flattering colours to suit every complexion and improved formulas: let’s get perfect eyes and lips!


jojoba eye pencils: Define eyes naturally Read More

green is beautiful

We all know we are meant to eat our veggies. While it is recommended that we eat from the full colour spectrum of vegetables, it is vital that we all get a daily dose of greens. For optimum health and beauty, greens are the way! Some people find this very easy, other people just can’t stand anything leafy or green. And while it may be overwhelming to sit down to a whole bowl of spinach, here are some easy ways to include greens into your diet, without making them the main event. Read More

look – 6 ways with colours

Using our fab new eye pencils, here’s 6 amazing ways to add colour to your eyes. These pencils are versatile, layerable and deliver precise lines. Get the look!

What you need: The basics of this look to create a flawless fresh-looking face are – calendula powder foundation | arnica cream concealer |

  1. Apply a thin layer of powder foundation to your face to even out skin tone.
  2. Use the arnica cream concealer to cover any blemishes and over dark circles under the eyes. Blend!
  3. Translucent corn powder is great to control shine and acts as a finishing powder to set your complexion.


the baby business: how being a mum and a businesswoman gave me balance

Teen is a happy and modern mum from Bondi Australia. Read about her experience here.

“It’s amazing how life can change and inspire you. When my baby girl turned one, I thought to myself ok what happens next? I didn’t want to leave this gorgeous little munchkin to go off to work, but I felt this bubbling creative desire to start something new and exciting for myself. As a new mum I struggled to find cool products for my daughter that also looked fashionable for me to use, and that was when the idea for Bondi Beach Baby was born: high quality beautiful organic fabrics for bub, in stylish cool prints for mum. Read More

multitaskers – all about these beauties

Be brilliant! New packaging, improved textures and new shades. Keep your skin soft and hydrated with these water resistant, multi-tasking, vegan ranges that we have redesigned. Play with light and vibrant colours to embrace your best bits and angles with versatile products packed of antioxidants. Read More

international day of peace

Peace is something we all want in the world – we dream of it, fight for it, and imagine a peaceful world. It can be overwhelming to look at all of the places in the world where peace seems currently out of reach. We feel helpless, like we can’t do anything to make things better. This may be true on a global scale, but we have huge power to affect positive change and peace in our own lives. It was Ghandi who famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ and these words ring true even now.

21 September 2017 is the International Day of Peace. We may not be able to single-handedly solve global struggles or wars between nations, but  can we see this day as an inspiration to invite more peace into our daily lives. Whatever peace means to you, September 21 is a great day to make a new intention to welcome peace into your lives, so you can share it with others… Read More