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    • Hi Liv – sorry I’ve had a few computer issues and for some reason didn’t see this… Ere Perez will be available in the UK soon, but for now just via the website. Thanks x


  1. francisca piedra says

    podrias decirme si ay alguna distribudores en estados unidos en texas


  2. Marinah says


    Why are there no list of ingredients in the products details. Or is it there but I can’t seem to find it? If I were to use these products I would like to know what I’m putting on my face.



    • Hi Marinah – all the ingredients are listed on the website, below each product in the Ingredients Tab.
      Just look at each product and there’s a row of tabs below each one – reviews, media, how to apply and Ingredients. Every ingredient is listed there.
      Thanks very much and hope you enjoy our products.


  3. Marinah says

    Hi Sophie,

    Thanks. I can’t see those tabs on my mobile but it’s there on my desktop. Will definitely get some lipsticks!

    Thanks again


  4. Ara says

    Hola! Podrias ayudarme con el tono correcto de maquillaje? Yo solia usar el tono Light-medium de la primera generacion de maquillaje liquido de Ere Perez, junto con corrector tono light y el maquillaje en polvo en tono medium. Me gustaria probar los nuevos correctores y el maquillaje de quinoa, que tono me recomiendas?


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