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moroccan tagine with quinoa

Discover this colourful recipe by Maz Valcorza. Maz has a passion for food, and she loves creating delicious, organic, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free recipes. ‘This hearty meal is infused with aromatic spices and sweetness from dried fruit. It’s packed with protein and beta-carotene and will satisfy your hunger for sure!

fit and vegan

Stan is a personal trainer based in Bondi, Australia. A few years ago, he decided to go vegan. He tells us how to be fit and vegan. Tell us how and why you decide to go vegan? I’ve just started becoming more conscious, wasn’t feeling right while eating meat, kind of disgusted feeling when your plate is covered in blood. Then, friends of mine send me few videos on animal cruelty and that put final stop to consuming animal products. It’s the best decision I have ever made.

my blooming beautiful mascara

Fran is a very talented florist from Bondi Australia. She loves our Natural Almond Oil Mascara and she tells us why… “As a florist, my number one rule is quality. How fresh are these flowers? Are these the best quality flowers I can find? Have they been ethically sourced? Procuring the best quality flowers for my customers enables me to create and produce my best work. Every bouquet or arrangement is made with confidence.

the ‘v’ word

There’s a new word on the block: ‘V’ for vegan. Suddenly every restaurant and cafe worth checking out is offering new and exciting food/beverage options we’ve never had before. Motivated by health, environment protection and animal rights, this movement towards more ethical and healthy food is sweeping the globe. It’s more than a trend, we can safely say that veganism is here to stay. Reducing the amount of meat and dairy you eat has proven health benefits and the rise in plant-based food options is great for anyone looking to get healthier in 2017, whether they are a strictly ‘vegan’ or not.

rawvana’s avocado and potato salad

At Ere Perez, we love Rawvana! As a Mexican-American vegan and raw food advocate, she shares with us her journey to a healthier way of living. This potato salad will hit the spot for anyone who wants to eat something nutritious and satiating at the same time. It’s very easy to make but most importantly, delicious! Avocados are a great healthy fat that contain essential nutrients for you skin, hair and nails, a real beauty food! Enjoy this salad for lunch, dinner or a get together with friends.

Inspirational Vegan: James Aspey

James Aspey is one of Australia’s best known vegans.  Having beaten cancer, he decided to get healthy and went vegetarian. His journey led him to become vegan, and to his Voiceless365 campaign for which he took a year’s vow of silence in support of voiceless animals. Here he tells us about his journey and life as a vegan and animal rights activist. Tell us how and why you decide to go vegan? I decided to go vegan when I realised that by being vegetarian I was still paying people to exploit, mutilate, torture and slaughter animals for foods and products I could easily do without. Contributing to such cruelty was far from the kind, peaceful, compassionate person I strive to be. Once I was convinced I could be healthy as a vegan (in fact, healthier!) there was nothing left to it but to do it. And it’s easily one of the best things I’ve ever done. Pretty much every vegan I’ve ever spoken to agrees. What does being vegan mean to you?  Being vegan is the most …

Rawvana’s raw vegan recipe

For health, happiness and vitality Raw food YouTube celebrity and Insta-star, Rawvana shares her journey to a healthier way of living and we love her! Check out her awesome vegan cauliflower tacos recipe here. San Diego resident, Rawvana, aka Yovana Mendoza is a Mexican-American vegan and raw food advocate who started her journey towards health, happiness and vitality through a two-week detox program in 2013. She never looked back! Find out more about Rawvana: *********   Versión en español  Rawvana y su Receta Crudivegana para la Salud, Felicidad y Vitalidad   Rawvana quien es toda una celebridad vegana en You Tube, nos comparte cómo es que empezó su camino hacia un estilo de vida más sano. Encuentra su deliciosa receta de tacos de coliflor aquí.   Yovana Mendoza mejor conocida como Rawvana, es residente de San Diego, California de origen México-Americano y es promotora de la alimentación crudivegana, ella empezó el cambio hacia una vida de salud, felicidad y vitalidad a través de un sistema de desintoxicación de 2 semanas que empezó en el año 2013, ¡desde …

How to brush for blush perfection!

It seems like a really obvious thing, but if you’re not an expert makeup applicator, then there are some good tips for applying blush and bronzer or contour. Use the right tool! Use the right brush with your blusher or bronzer – one that’s suited to pressed powder and that will allow you to direction your application movements. The best blush brushes are long handled, large brushes with tapered or ponytail shaped bristles to give you direction. Use natural hair (as long as it’s cruelty free) or nylon bristles, but make sure you wash your brush often to keep it clean and in shape. Applying blush for your face shape There are 5 main face shape types: round, long, square, oval and heart and the way you apply your blusher can bring out the best in your face shape. Just a few simple rules, directions and focus areas make all the difference. Round – Apply along cheekbones in an upwards direction to slim the face Oval – Apply along the apples and flick upwards towards …

Awesome Agave – nature’s super sweetener

One of Mexico’s most amazing native plants and used for all sorts of purposes from medicine to making paper, cooking and brewing tea or tequila! Agave has been planted in many other tropical countries around the world. Being a great drought-resistant plant from the same family as the yucca, you’ll also find it in many Australian gardens. One of the most familiar species is Agave Tequilana or Blue Agave, which we use in our Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tints. Blue agave is thought to help reduce wrinkles and give strength, resiliency, and elasticity to hair. It’s a very good natural astringent. Agave juice is traditionally fermented into a rather potent and very popular Tequila. But on the medicinal side Agave Leaf tea can be used to treat constipation and excess gas! It is also used as a diuretic and even to treat arthritis. Agave syrup is about 1 ½ times as sweet as honey and is often used by vegans as a honey substitute. It’s great in smoothies with banana and cinnamon, as a topping for cereal and …

Vegan vs. Cruelty Free Makeup

What’s the difference? Good question! Vegan is a lifestyle choice that many people simply associate with diet – that’s to say the idea that being vegan means not eating anything to do with animals. And that is true of people who choose to be vegan in terms of what they eat. But veganism has a lot more to it. To be truly vegan, you basically don’t have anything to do with animal-derived products in any way – and animals include every living creature, not just the furry kind…not in food, cosmetics, toiletries, clothes, shoes, homewares or household products. All vegan cosmetics will be Cruelty Free by virtue of the fact they’ve not had anything to do with any animal products or derivatives at any point in their manufacture. But not all cosmetics and beauty products that are certified Cruelty Free are vegan. They may not have tested on animals at any point in their process, but if their ingredients include anything that is derived from animals, e.g. honey, beeswax or goat’s milk for example, they …