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how to create a soul-expanding “mastering your mean girl” book club

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start truly living the life of their dreams. Here she speaks about how to create a soul-expanding Mastering Your Mean Girl book club.


Inspirational Woman: Karina Velasco

Karina Velasco is a Mexican health guru and writer. She teaches yoga, practical alchemy and she has written books about sexuality, love and healthy lifestyle. Karina likes to share inspirational photos on her social networks. She is also an excellent Certified Health Coach and nutritionist. In this interview she tells us what inspires her, how she stays healthy and what’s next for her career.


Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia Wollenberg is a British foodie blogger, best-selling author and super force behind Livia’s Kitchen. Having been diagnosed with severe food intolerances, Olivia turned her desire for “free from” sweet treats into a hugely popular brand of healthy treats and desserts with a twist. She tells us what inspires her, how she stays healthy and what’s next for Livia’s Kitchen. What does being naturally beautiful mean to you? Being naturally beautiful to me, is all about being who you are! Whether that’s in terms of using the makeup and wearing the clothes that best represent the person you feel you are, or speaking your mind and remaining true to yourself. What inspires you? The main thing that inspires me is seeing how people get over their hurdles and grow from them rather than falling down.  I have big goals and I work really hard in order to reach them and I definitely get inspired by learning from others how they have dealt with difficult situations and how they have turned negatives into positives.  I’m also really inspired by others within the …


Health is a journey, not a destination

By guest blogger, Dr Leandra Brady-Walker, aka “Cosmo Hippy”. “I want it all!” It’s the catch cry of the millennials. We want to be able to juggle career and home, be healthy, be happy, take time out while climbing the social and work ladder. We want eco, we want fashionable, we want luxury, we want affordable. In short, we want it all. I firmly believe that we can have it all. But just not all of it right now. You see, real lasting change takes baby steps. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, a balanced life takes time and commitment to build. So start small. Commit to doing one new thing a week. Maybe it’s getting an extra hour of sleep or drinking an extra glass of water or swapping your toxic lipstick for a healthier version. Whatever it may be, it is these small steps that add up to the big picture. And if you fall, just pick yourself up and keep going, remembering that health is a journey and not a …


Inspirational woman: Kyla Kirkpatrick

In 2005, Kyla, aka The Champagne Dame, gave up her career in finance and moved to Champagne, France to follow her passion for the sparkling stuff!  After spending time immersed in the region learning all that she could, Kyla was recruited in Paris with Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy to represent some of the world’s most prestigious champagne brands. Now an independent ambassador for the Champagne region, Kyla is a writer, presenter and host of champagne master classes and events throughout Australia, as well as exclusive tours in the Champagne region itself. Tough job! Kyla is also a hands-on mother of one who leads a busy, healthy and active lifestyle with her partner and daughter in Melbourne. What does being naturally beautiful mean to you? Natural beauty starts with good health – I feel most beautiful when I have clean skin and on holidays where I can take time out from my busy schedule to just breathe and relax. My partner prefers that I don’t wear makeup at all, but as a presenter that is difficult! …


What my mother taught me about beauty

Our mothers are most likely to be one of the most important influencers in our lives, if not the most important.  Their love is unconditional. They are our biggest supporters through absolutely everything, even if they’re no longer physically with us. Sometimes we don’t realise the true importance of our mothers until we have either lost them or when we become mothers ourselves and are able to fully comprehend the amount of love they have for their children. For most of us, our mums are also the most beautiful women in our lives.  We idolise them as little girls; watch them putting on creams or makeup, plucking their eyebrows, doing their hair. We are fascinated by our mother’s beauty regime and they are our very first window into the world of fashion and beauty. We might not always agree with the fashion and beauty decisions our mothers make, but there’s no doubt mums always have a huge influence on our own sense of beauty – both inside and out.  They are our champions, cheer leaders, the epitome …


Inspirational Woman: Kate Johnson

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that the beautiful Australian model, former beauty queen, graphic designer and animal advocate has led a charmed life. Indeed, she has in many ways, thought her life has also been peppered with tragedy and loss, which according to Kate has made her stronger, family-focused and determined to live a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. You’ve had a tough year, how have you remained positive? I have to admit he last year has also been a huge one for many reasons, including the health of both my parents. My mother is a quadriplegic following a car accident when I was nine, and is now dealing with intricacies of kidney failure. My father, now retired, had surgery for bowel cancer this time last year and after given the all clear has since been diagnosed with prostate cancer. So it’s safe to say my life in the fast lane modeling and going to events every other day has changed dramatically! Sometimes life gives you a little wake up call to the important things in life, and for me, that means my family. You open two gifts every morning; they are your eyes. It’s taken …


Inspirational woman: Annalise Braakensiek

Beautiful Australian model, designer and presenter Annalise Braakensiek is one of our most gorgeous neighbours in Sydney and a long-term fan of Ere Perez. With an incredible 2.4 million Facebook followers and another 22.5k on Instagram, this super-talented lady is as influential, as she is gorgeous; speaks six languages; has her own stunning range of jewellery and a line of sleepwear and lingerie. She has just signed with Spanish sunglasses brand, Flamingo, and has her own collection set to launch in October this year at Annalise grew up on a biodynamic farm and is naturally dedicated to healthy living, a devoted yoga fan, pescatarian and cruelty free advocate.  She’s a committed supporter of the Starlight Foundation, Cancer Council and Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre and prolific animal rights advocate, having campaigned on behalf of PETA, the Human Society International (HSI), and the RSPCA. What does being naturally beautiful mean to you? Being an innately kind, loving, and supportive, positive and generous person. What inspires you? LOVE is the main inspiration for everything I do and …


International Women’s Day: #Pledge for Parity

March 8th across the world is International Women’s Day. A day when we celebrate what women have achieved to date and focus on what still needs to be done to ensure that the role of women in societies all over the world is fair, just and equal. This year’s theme for IWD is Pledge for Parity. Pledge for Parity is a conscious movement that focuses on the areas where women are still struggling to have equal status to men. While we should celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, let’s also be aware progress has slowed in many places across the world, so urgent action is needed to accelerate gender parity. While most of us live in pretty informed, educated and forward-thinking societies, where women are achieving great things and are told that they can do anything they want to in life, there are many parts of the world where this is still a distant dream. Gender Parity means getting the same treatment, having equal opportunities in education, law and health; having job opportunities with …