Author: Sophie Martin


meet our retailers: sonia white of lovelula

Ere Perez is proud to be distributed by many amazing retailers worldwide. Meet Sonia White of Lovelula, one of our retailers in the UK. Sonia White founded her natural beauty empire in her search to find a solution to her son’s severe eczema. Now, a renowned beauty entrepreneur and director of the award-winning natural cosmetics and skincare retailer,, Sonia is an ambassador for healthy living and much-loved UK beauty guru.  She lets us in on her daily inspirations for a healthier lifestyle.


Zara D’Cotta: Six reasons to eat with seasons

Zara D’Cotta started OhMyGoodness (OMG) following her breast cancer diagnosis just before her 30th birthday. This life-changing experience inspired her to take a leap of faith and leave her career in corporate communications to combine her passion for health and wellbeing with her love of storytelling. Zara noticed a push towards locally grown food; a desire to build our sense of community; the growing importance of wellbeing and interest in finding new and fun ways to exercise.  OhMyGoodness (OMG), her ultimate guide to healthy living, is now followed by 30,000 Australians who love its guides to the hottest healthy eating spots, fitness trends, travel adventures and beautifully styled whole food recipes. One of Zara’s key healthy eating tips is to eat seasonal produce. In a recent blog post, she explained why. Mother Nature is a very clever lady. She knows what foods are best to nourish and sustain us through each season, making sure they are abundant and ripe for the picking at the time of year we need them most. It’s no coincidence that root vegetables (like sweet potato, beetroot, carrot, swede) are plentiful in winter.  They have a …


Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia Wollenberg is a British foodie blogger, best-selling author and super force behind Livia’s Kitchen. Having been diagnosed with severe food intolerances, Olivia turned her desire for “free from” sweet treats into a hugely popular brand of healthy treats and desserts with a twist. She tells us what inspires her, how she stays healthy and what’s next for Livia’s Kitchen. What does being naturally beautiful mean to you? Being naturally beautiful to me, is all about being who you are! Whether that’s in terms of using the makeup and wearing the clothes that best represent the person you feel you are, or speaking your mind and remaining true to yourself. What inspires you? The main thing that inspires me is seeing how people get over their hurdles and grow from them rather than falling down.  I have big goals and I work really hard in order to reach them and I definitely get inspired by learning from others how they have dealt with difficult situations and how they have turned negatives into positives.  I’m also really inspired by others within the …


Meet our resident artist!

At Ere Perez we’re lucky to have a great diversity of people in our team. Our graphic designer, Carlos Agamez Garcia, who comes from Columbia is an amazing artist whose work is celebrated both in his home country and also in Sydney where he currently lives. His recent exhibition in Sydney presented artworks inspired by the struggles of refugees, migrants and the homeless was met with great acclaim. Following a painting course, his first formal experience in art, Carlos studied graphic design at University, after which he travelled to Europe for a cultural exchange and got totally inspired! Having returned to Colombia, he started to work with art full time and in 2012 received a scholarship from UNESCO to travel to Australia for an artist residency. In Sydney he developed his collection,  ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ as a comparison between refugees in Australia and IDPs in Colombia. Carlos is currently researching the theme of identity and the concept of ‘home’ and continues to convey his thoughts, talent and personality through his incredible paintings. As our graphic designer, he …


Maz Valcorza’s Chai Spiced Chia Pudding

Maz Valcorza is a social entrepreneur, author, speaker, creative director and self-confessed Star Wars enthusiast!  She has always had a huge passion for food and owns Sydney’s first organic, raw, plant-based wholefoods café – Sadhana Kitchen. A yoga enthusiast, she completed yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga (now Jivamukti Yoga Sydney) in 2011.  As well as spending her time creating deliciously healthy, sustainable and ethical food and teaching yoga, Maz runs workshops to help others transform themselves and their world through their plates. Here she gives us her amazing recipe for Chai Spiced Chia Pudding (Serves 2). Ingredients Chia: 2/3 cup chia seeds 1/2 cup chopped pistachios rose peta ls, green cardamom pods, fresh banana strawberries Chai Spiced Cashew Mylk: 6 cups filtered water 2 cups cashews soaked for 1 hour and then drained 1 inch knob ginger 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp cardamom ó tsp nutmeg 1 tsp vanilla powder 1/4 cup coconut nectar Strawberry Coulis: 1 cup strawberries 2 tbs coconut nectar 1 tbs beetroot juice Juice and rind from ½ lemon Method Pour chia …


Inspirational Vegan: James Aspey

James Aspey is one of Australia’s best known vegans.  Having beaten cancer, he decided to get healthy and went vegetarian. His journey led him to become vegan, and to his Voiceless365 campaign for which he took a year’s vow of silence in support of voiceless animals. Here he tells us about his journey and life as a vegan and animal rights activist. Tell us how and why you decide to go vegan? I decided to go vegan when I realised that by being vegetarian I was still paying people to exploit, mutilate, torture and slaughter animals for foods and products I could easily do without. Contributing to such cruelty was far from the kind, peaceful, compassionate person I strive to be. Once I was convinced I could be healthy as a vegan (in fact, healthier!) there was nothing left to it but to do it. And it’s easily one of the best things I’ve ever done. Pretty much every vegan I’ve ever spoken to agrees. What does being vegan mean to you?  Being vegan is the most …


Health is a journey, not a destination

By guest blogger, Dr Leandra Brady-Walker, aka “Cosmo Hippy”. “I want it all!” It’s the catch cry of the millennials. We want to be able to juggle career and home, be healthy, be happy, take time out while climbing the social and work ladder. We want eco, we want fashionable, we want luxury, we want affordable. In short, we want it all. I firmly believe that we can have it all. But just not all of it right now. You see, real lasting change takes baby steps. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, a balanced life takes time and commitment to build. So start small. Commit to doing one new thing a week. Maybe it’s getting an extra hour of sleep or drinking an extra glass of water or swapping your toxic lipstick for a healthier version. Whatever it may be, it is these small steps that add up to the big picture. And if you fall, just pick yourself up and keep going, remembering that health is a journey and not a …