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The best natural and non-toxic make up: Ere Perez in Harper’s Bazaar

We are extremely proud to feature in Harper’s Bazaar clean make up line up, “The Best Organic, Natural, and Non-Toxic Makeup”.

Our best-selling Oat Milk Foundation is included in the top non-toxic products Harper’s Bazaar listed, that you need to build the ultimate natural makeup kit.

“One of the things people don’t realize about clean makeup is that it is an extension of skincare,” says Tara Foley, founder of clean skincare retailer Follain. “A truly clean makeup product is going to nourish your skin.”


As outlined by Harper’s Bazaar, we at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics pride ourselves on producing healthy, natural make up. Which is why our Oat Milk Foundation is at the top.

“The long-lasting, buildable Oat Milk Foundation is a lightweight base that won’t clog pores, and its hydrating formula actually helps to improve your natural skin underneath. It’s perfect if you like a dewy skin-like finish.”


Read the article here.

Special thanks to Sarah Rose Adams @rose.and.rouge and Crème Collective @cremecollective

To learn more about Ere Perez, click here.

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Hello beauties! I’m Lizzie, the Customer Service and Communication Executive at Ere Perez. Originally from England, I first came travelling to Australia in 2014 to visit the beaches, experience the chilled lifestyle and loved it so much that I never left. I’ve worked on both sides of the beauty industry - hands on, on counter in department stores, and behind the scenes in offices - and I love it all! The growing love for natural beauty in Australia is incredible. Working at Ere Perez has allowed me to work alongside my passion in skin care and makeup, and share my love for cruelty free and sustainable choices. I hope to share my knowledge, spread kindness and drink lots of tea with you!

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