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the zero-waste shopping revolution

Meet the Ere Perez community! Let us introduce you to our neighbour and friend “The Health Emporium” in Bondi, Australia.

It’s already been a year since Australia’s supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles dropped their single use plastic bags at their checkouts.

As we begin to choose more sustainable and ethical produce, we are choosing zero-waste options.


The Health Emporium in Bondi are not only providing high quality organic produce, naturopathic supplements and natural beauty products, but are consciously practising environmental sustainability that aims to look after each other and most importantly our planet.

You can shop packaging free when buying bulk wholefoods and BYO your own jars, containers and bottles for grains, oil and even locally made castile soap.

Apart from offering a self serve zero waste wholefoods section, the team at The Health Emporium have made some changes, behind the scenes, to contribute into looking after our environment and giving back to both the local community and the planet.

  • Actively composting coffee grinds from their cafe
  • Correctly recycling soft plastic
  • Installed 79 solar panels to provide renewable energy.


Starting back in 1996, The Health Emporium is still a family owned and run local business with the aim of to providing as much variety and choice as possible for all things organic, wholesome and healthful, both inside and out.

Did you know that Ere Perez has over 1,300 stockists, globally? The Health Emporium were one of our very first!


Photos at The Health Emporium, Instagram.

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Hello beauties! I’m Lizzie, the Customer Service and Communication Executive at Ere Perez. Originally from England, I first came travelling to Australia in 2014 to visit the beaches, experience the chilled lifestyle and loved it so much that I never left. I’ve worked on both sides of the beauty industry - hands on, on counter in department stores, and behind the scenes in offices - and I love it all! The growing love for natural beauty in Australia is incredible. Working at Ere Perez has allowed me to work alongside my passion in skin care and makeup, and share my love for cruelty free and sustainable choices. I hope to share my knowledge, spread kindness and drink lots of tea with you!

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