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get gorgeous

Do you wear eyeshadow?

Do you know that we have three colour palettes you’ll love?

Do you know we are so eco-friendly & aware of your wallet – you can buy your favourite shades individually when they run out?


Chamomile Eye Palette – gorgeous is much-loved and you should know all about her.
She has six eyeshadows in neutral and earthy tones. Including three shimmer shades + three matte shades. Formulated with calming chamomile, so natural & friendly to sensitive eyes. We’ve all looked in the mirror after a few hours of wearing eyeshadow, only to see red, unhappy eyes staring back.

Gorgeous will not do this to your precious eyes! The colours in this palette are named after some of Ere’s favourite women:

AYLIN – warm sand * FAY – autumn hues * ANA – light terracotta
KAT – bronze goddess * VICKY – golden olive * ESTELLE – deep brown



GET THE LOOK – #1 gorgeous
Create a gorgeous look with these fab beauty products:


  1. oat milk foundation – chai
  2. carrot colour pot – healthy (on lips and cheeks)
  3. almond brow pencil – perfect
  4. vanilla highlighter – falling star
  5. corn translucent powder – one for all
  6. chamomile eye palette – gorgeous

GET THE LOOK – #2 MORE gorgeous!
Get MORE gorgeous by adding these three beauties to the look above… and up the volume!


  1. natural almond mascara – black
  2. jojoba eye pencil – forest
  3. chamomile eye palette – gorgeous

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Hi, i´m Nea. I am a part of the Ere Perez team. Makeup is my passion because it allows me to express myself and gives me the opportunity to teach women to embrace and highlight their natural beauty. I also work as a freelance makeup artist for social events, brides, advertising and i give self-makeup workshops. I´ve been in this industry for more than five years now and I feel proud to say that i´ve only worked with Cruelty Free and Natural brands. I adore that with using Ere Perez you can create any look; from a fresh natural everyday look to a glamorous special occasion look, all while taking care of your skin and most importantly taking care of the environment.

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