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quinoa = skin bliss

Makeup should have nourishing ingredients to help your skin be healthy, radiant and youthful. Our quinoa water foundation is just that – natural healthy ingredients plus high performance! Quinoa is a superfood for skin as it is rejuvenating, assists in antiaging, is helpful in correcting pigmentation and evening skin tone. It features vitamin B12, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, all essential ingredients for a clear complexion.

Some foundations can clog pores and create skin drams. Not this one! It is breathable and gentle, even for sensitive skins. The formula is lightweight, vegan and seamless for a light – medium matte coverage. Perfect for everyday! Choose from three shades: Haze, Dawn, Dusk.


what you need:
papaya sos marmalade | sesame lip liner – naughty | quinoa water foundation | arnica concealer – chai | vanilla highlighter – falling star | almond brow pencil – perfect | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear |

  1. Smooth out your complexion with quinoa water foundation, your shade. Apply a layer with our eco vegan multipurpose brush.
  2. Arnica concealer is the perfect assistant to your foundation. Use on blemishes, pigmentation, or under the eyes. Apply with our eco vegan lip & conceal brush.
  3. Next, vanilla highlighter – falling star applied to eyebrow bones and upper cheeks. This gorgeous creamy highlighter reflects light and adds a natural glow to areas you want to accentuate.
  4. Frame your eyes with almond brow pencil – perfect. Use this pencil on the top and bottom eye lids to add definition. You can also use it the fill in any gaps in your eyebrows.
  5. A layer of aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear to eyelashes adds condition and shine. Apply 2 layers for extra gloss.
  6. For lips – start with papaya sos marmalade. Apply to lips to soften and soothe.
  7. Outline lips with sesame lip liner – naughty to define and add natural colour. Fill in the lips for extra colour.


Look by Agathe Verdier, Model: Natasha is from the Philippines, Photography: Hiram Martinez.

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Agathe is French and has brought her wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry in France to join the Ere Perez team. She heads product development and works closely with founder Ere, using her knowledge to inspire new and innovative beauty trends. She is passionate about colour, high performance and believes that best quality is possible using natural ingredients. Agathe loves travelling, enjoying the beach, the sun – all the good simple things in life!

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