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bye bye eye bags

Did you know the most delicate and thinnest skin on our body is around our eyes? That’s why this area is the first to show signs of ageing like expression lines, dark circles or eye bags.

It’s very important to take special care of it!

I want to share my eye care routine with you. It’s simple, effective and it’ll keep your skin fresh and flawless:

Step 1

Apply Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter around the eye area. This cream is perfect for this delicate area thanks to its rich and powerful ingredients.

Step 2

Massage with the pad of your finger starting from the corner of the eye and making a big circle around the eye, counterclockwise, as you continue to apply the cream. Repeat 4 more times before changing direction and doing another series of 5 circles.

Step 3

I don’t usually have dark circles, but if I struggle having a good night sleep or stay up late at a party, I wake up with puffy eyes! This massage helps to reduce puffiness and dark rings:


Apply light pressure with the pad of your finger starting from your tear duct. Press gently as you start making little circles, following the natural shape of the eye socket. Next, move your finger to your temple and finish above your ear (as shown in the picture.). Be sure to apply slightly more pressure in this area because it´s right here where we’ll get rid of any accumulated fluids.

Try giving your eyes this massage every day to wake up to fresh, gorgeous, puff-free eyes!


Even when you’re in a rush, try to remove eye makeup gently. Due to the sensitivity of this area of skin, rough strokes or materials can create redness and swelling. So go easy and protect your delicate skin!

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My name is Julieta Carolina, and I am passionate about everything to do with the skin! I have always been fascinated with ideas of beauty and natural health. I graduated in Cosmetology in Mexico (2009) and have worked in the industry ever since. I joined the Ere Perez family 5 years ago, where I work as cosmetologist, makeup artist, account manager and brand ambassador in Mexico. In addition, I have my own consultancy where I assist people to resolves skin issues such as acne, early aging skin & pigmentation. With new technologies and awareness, the industry is ever changing and evolving. There are many new things happening as we learn how to better care for skin – this really excites me! I am currently investigating alternative techniques like facial aesthetic acupuncture, with the objective of helping people rejuvenate their skin in a non-invasive way. With Ere Perez, I was able to combine my passions of health, skin care and makeup. I feel very grateful for my career and all the amazing people I work with. I’m so glad to share my knowledge with you!

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