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yoga for men, health from the inside out

Marteen Zárate is a well-known yoga teacher from Mexico. He shares with us the many benefits in practising yoga for men.

Even if the largest part of the yoga community is feminine (70%), the number of men practising yoga has been multiplying, going from 4 million in 2012 to 10 million in 2016.

This is interesting when traditionally the practice of yoga was only for men!

These days, I dedicate all my time to practicing yoga and teaching and training teachers to the ancient techniques of yoga, thus sharing my 14 years of practice. When I started yoga, I still had my managerial job in technologies & human resources. Stress, speed and competitiveness were part of each day. Yoga came and changed my life for real – in a positive way! For this reason, I want to share with you the first 5 benefits I noted in my first months of yoga.

  1. An athletic body. Yoga won’t give you Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles, but because you will be working your entire body, you will gain strength and agility in all your daily tasks and exercise.
  2. Flexibility and better posture. In this era of smart phones and tablets, we all have bad posture. Maintaining a straight back is a symbol of strength, stability and positive attitude towards life. Many men come to my first class with so much rigidity in their shoulders; they can’t stretch their arms completely. With practice, you’ll gain so much flexibility that you’ll recover the mobility you thought you had lost. And this will reflect in the way you walk, as well as in your attitude towards life.
  3. Better skin health. Our skin and hair are the exterior signs of our interior health. Yoga activates internal systems in your body that are responsible for the functions of your heart, your digestion, your hormonal system and more. Your skin will naturally glow, and people will tell you after only a few classes that they see the change in you. During the yoga classes, you will also sweat, which aids internal and external detox.
  4. Train your body and mind. Your will gain concentration and greater focus. Any activity that you do with a better awareness gives better results, and this will start with your very first classes of yoga. Each posture we can’t achieve because of limiting ideas like bad balance, or poor flexibility, give an opportunity to try again. You will go through different feelings, like frustration, or doubt, and will be able to move through them in a healthy way. Each time we work with our mind and body, we improve our ability to face challenges in our lives.
  5. Better health. Yoga is related to lower blood pressure, prevention of injuries, improvement of digestion and much more. Breathing is the base of the practice, and when you concentrate on your breath, you reduce stress, tension, pain. There are infinite immediate benefits if you practice yoga for a longer time! Keep in mind that our health & wellbeing is not only a personal matter, it also affects those around us. Together we can build a better, healthier and more compassionate world.

You’re ready to start! Most of the modern practices of yoga are safe, you can even start with videos. And if you feel like more, you can find great yoga teachers anywhere!

So, will you dare to give it a try?

Marteen Zárate – Co-Founder en Sādhak Yoga Institute. Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

To learn more about Ere Perez, click here.

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I’m Ere, Creative Director of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. This is more than a brand for me, it’s a lifelong dream come true. I was born in Mexico where I learned early on to value natural health and wellbeing. When I crossed the oceans and moved to gorgeous Sydney, I brought my heritage and love of natural living with me. Combined with the inspiration of people, places & nature I see around me daily, this is at the heart of everything I do – including being a mother to three children. Life is full and never dull! My natural makeup and skincare range is my absolute passion. I hope all women can feel healthy and beautiful – naturally.

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