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mothers are heroes

As Mother’s Day approaches, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the amazingness of mothers everywhere. Mothers nurture, support, care for, help young people grow, while working hard in their jobs, communities and the world at large. Mothers are living breathing heroes! Mothers can be our biological ones, or mother figures who have become special people in our lives. Maybe you’re a mother, or play a similar role in someone’s life. To all the mothers of all different kinds, thank you for everything you do. These looks celebrate the strength, courage, power and beauty of women! We are all heroes in small and big ways every single day. Our new olive oil lipsticks will match you in vibrancy, uniqueness, natural gorgeousness and staying power. Hero for hero! 

What you need – oat milk foundation – honey | arnica concealer – honey | vanilla highlighter – falling star | rice powder blush & bronzer – roma | natural almond mascara – black | aloe gel lash mascara | natural almond brow pencil | chamomile eye palette – lovely


Maximise your complexion.

  1. Apply oat milk foundation – honey to your face using our eco vegan multipurpose brush.
  2. Follow with arnica concealer – honey applied to blemishes, under the eyes and on any pigmentation. Use our expert eco vegan lip & conceal brush.
  3. Vanilla highlighter – falling star reflects the light and highlights cheek bones and brow arches. Get the natural glow!
  4. Finish off your flawless complexion with natural colour. Rice powder blush & bronzer – roma applied all over the face, with a second layer on cheeks using our eco vegan blush & bronze brush.
  5. Frame your eyes : Choose your favourite shade from chamomile eye palette – lovely, apply to eyelids with the eco vegan smudge & shade brush.
  6. Natural almond mascara – black: coat your top and bottom lashes in two coats of black mascara.
  7. Perfect your brows with our natural almond brow pencil and aloe gel lash mascara

Let your lips shine


** Olive oil lipstick – cocktail gives a serious does of moisture plus gorgeous colour that lasts all day.


Follow steps 1 – 7 above.


** Finish off with olive oil lipstick – fiesta for nourishing lip hydration and low-key eleganc


Follow steps 1 – 7 above.


** Celebrate all that you are with this daring colourful lipstick. Olive oil lipstick – soiree for special moments & making a statement.

Model: Georgia from Italy, Makeup by Agathe Verdier, Photography Hiram Martinez

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Agathe is French and has brought her wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry in France to join the Ere Perez team. She heads product development and works closely with founder Ere, using her knowledge to inspire new and innovative beauty trends. She is passionate about colour, high performance and believes that best quality is possible using natural ingredients. Agathe loves travelling, enjoying the beach, the sun – all the good simple things in life!

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