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green monday

After the mayhem of Black Friday, Green Monday is about to hit. Black Friday has become a great platform for consumers to save on goods offered on sale on that day, and Green Monday is following suit. Usually the second Monday in December, we thought we’d challenge ourselves (and maybe you!) to use this day to purchase goods with a ‘green’ focus. This can mean many things – ethical sourcing, local, sustainable products, environmentally aware design, cruelty free – however you interpret this.

We all consume a lot, from food, household goods, clothes, entertainment, advertising, social media, travel, transport, it’s at the centre of our lives! We thought Green Monday 2017 would be a good opportunity to see if we can use the day to look at what we purchase and consume. The more we consume, the more we buy, the more resources we are using.

Here are some tips to shop green:

1.       Research the brands you use – there is a lot of information out there in product reviews and provided by companies themselves. This empowers us to know what we are buying and to better align ourselves with brands who share the same values as us.

2.       Try to reduce plastic – this is one simple way to shop greener. It can be as easy as saying NO to a shopping bag.

3.      Buy cruelty free. For Green Monday, why not reduce the amount of animal products you consume, or choose to purchase from free-range or more ethical suppliers.

4.      Shop local. Perhaps there’s a market or local grocer nearby that would love your support.

5.       If you feel a little bit guilty about buying something, just don’t! You can always find an alternative that will sit comfortably with your conscience. There are few things these days that we really cannot live without that you can’t find a greener option for.

Let’s make Green Monday a day where we celebrate our environment, our planet, and the amazing creative people who are changing the world in positive ways. 

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Kathryn Lyster is a creative writer and communications consultant. She is a published author with Harper Collins. She also writes poetry and short stories. In addition, Kathryn writes about natural health and wellness, cruelty free living and how to live a more sustainable life. Kathryn is passionate about creativity, our earth, kindness and the power we all have to create a better world.

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