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men’s health: beautifying tonics & herbs

Mason Taylor is a health educator, speaker, and podcast host with a special interest in sharing how to navigate the evolving world of health and its many paradigms to create a unique and potent health philosophy and personal practice; an approach that helps people to feel safe, balanced and vital in their body. He is the founder of SuperFeast, purveyors of the world’s finest tonic herbs and blends. Read his article about herbal health and beauty here.

You don’t often hear guys saying that a core focus of their herbal health practice is on beauty, but it should be. Since true beauty is cultivated from the inside out, the radiance that a man is emitting through healthy skin, bright eyes and youthful energy levels can be a key indicator of what is going on in the inside. 

The following are some of the top organs and systems that I focus on through tonic herbalism to ensure that this beautiful radiance is strong within my body, and that it is a long-term beauty that I am embodying.

Immune system

When immunity is toned the body is armed with the tools and sophistication it needs to remove the waste and creepy crawlies that hinder living tissue and organ function, and cause premature ageing. Medicinal mushrooms are my core herbs that feed the immune system and ensure it is adaptable to the numerous stressors we encounter in life. Chaga, reishi, lions mane and cordyceps are my fave mushies for feeding my immune system, including the gut.


When the kidneys are deficient you open up to youthful energy leaking way earlier than they should, especially since they govern the strength and power of your knees and lower back (2 things that go in men who age prematurely and lead to a decline in vitality and radiance). The kidneys are also the main organ responsible for producing potent levels of sex hormones throughout our lives. By feeding them with Jing tonic herbs (herbs that nourish the kidneys) you build the foundation of hormonal function (including testosterone) that ensures inner radiance can be maintained. My favourite herb for this is eucommia bark, and I take it in a blend of these herbs called JING. This is a very important aspect of beauty for men.


When the liver gets congested there will be a dimming of the eyes and the skin. When this incredible organ is flowing and able to carry out its function with the power that liver tonic herbs can offer, you bring an adaptability and function to the body that is key for long term health. Schizandra berry and reishi are my 2 key herbs for toning and nourishing the liver so that it may keep us youthful. “

Article by Mason Taylor, founder of Superfeast.

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I’m Ere, Creative Director of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. This is more than a brand for me, it’s a lifelong dream come true. I was born in Mexico where I learned early on to value natural health and wellbeing. When I crossed the oceans and moved to gorgeous Sydney, I brought my heritage and love of natural living with me. Combined with the inspiration of people, places & nature I see around me daily, this is at the heart of everything I do – including being a mother to three children. Life is full and never dull! My natural makeup and skincare range is my absolute passion. I hope all women can feel healthy and beautiful – naturally.

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