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look – make time for moisture

Skin is our biggest organ and like the rest of our body, it needs moisture!

The skin on our face is just as thirsty and if you wear makeup, it is essential that you prime your skin with moisture first. Make up helps skin look great, but let’s make sure we look after it underneath. Our newly launched Australian blue cypress face nectar is the ultimate skin quenching botanical boost that instantly adds moisture and hydration in a few drops. It is the perfect way to plump up skin, improve elasticity, and help make up to adhere better to the skin. Apply before you put on your makeup and you’ll notice how dewy and glowing your complexion is. Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t skip this step, it’s so helpful in helping you get the skin you want.

Dry, lack-lustre, tired looking skin can take a hike because natural skin radiance is your new thing…

You will need –
Australian blue cypress face nectar | oat milk foundation – light | arnica concealer – latte | almond oil mascara – brown | pure rice powder – my blush | carrot colour pot – harmony | sesame lip liner – sweet

1.       Prime & hydrate skin with face nectar. Apply a few drops with fingertips all over the face and allow a few minutes for oil to absorb into skin.

2.       Foundation time! Now your skin is moistened and supple, apply a layer of oat milk foundation using our eco vegan multipurpose brush.

3.       To cover blemishes, uneven skin tone or dark circles under eyes, use arnica cream concealer with the eco vegan lip & conceal brush. Blend well into skin.

4.       Onto your dewy, smooth complexion add pure rice powder to cheeks & eyelids with the eco vegan blush & bronze brush. This will give subtle natural colour to your face.

5.       Outline your lips naturally with the sesame lip liner

6.       Next, apply carrot colour pot to cheeks & lips, layering colour as you desire.

Model is Johanna from Sweden. Makeup by Agathe Verdier, photography by Hiram Martinez.

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Agathe is French and has brought her wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry in France to join the Ere Perez team. She heads product development and works closely with founder Ere, using her knowledge to inspire new and innovative beauty trends. She is passionate about colour, high performance and believes that best quality is possible using natural ingredients. Agathe loves travelling, enjoying the beach, the sun – all the good simple things in life!

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