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meet our retailers: sonia white of lovelula

Ere Perez is proud to be distributed by many amazing retailers worldwide. Meet Sonia White of Lovelula, one of our retailers in the UK.

Sonia White founded her natural beauty empire in her search to find a solution to her son’s severe eczema. Now, a renowned beauty entrepreneur and director of the award-winning natural cosmetics and skincare retailer,, Sonia is an ambassador for healthy living and much-loved UK beauty guru.  She lets us in on her daily inspirations for a healthier lifestyle.

As an inspirational advocate for wellbeing, what are your three top tips for women wanting to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle?

Find a good balance between work, leisure and family.ep_soniawhite_profilepic2

With regards to food – everything in moderation. Eat healthily overall, but never feel guilty when you indulge.

With regards to exercise – find something you enjoy!

We love that you are an ambassador for positive living.  What’s the number one thing that makes you smile every day?

My Family.

It’s often said you shouldn’t put anything on your face that you wouldn’t eat… What are your favourite natural ingredients that you can eat and apply to skin?

Aloe Vera / Aloe Vera Juice.

If you had a motto or daily mantra, what would it be?

There is a solution to every problem.


Find out more about Sonia at FB, Insta, Twitter:  @lovelula

To find more about Ere Perez:

Sigue aquí el blog en español.


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