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fresh start 2017

2016 is gone and with it warm & joyful memories. Now 2017 is here and we need to get ready for it! New year is the best time for new beginnings. This brings fresh starts and goals for a brighter year ahead. 

I have written a list of easy things for you to do to achieve a fresh start and make the most of 2017. 

  1. Start off by writing down your goals for 2017, whether they’re big or small! 
  2. Deep clean your space. I know it’s not the most exciting activity to start your year doing, but a clean home helps create a clear mind! 
  3. Detox your body. Don’t wait till holidays are over, you can start today! Go and workout, sweat your toxins out. 
  4. Fresh body. As you will start with a blank canvas at home, it’s good to start with a clear body. After your detox, eat clean! 
  5. Donate to charity. This doesn’t mean you need to give money, you can donate things you do not use or need that others might or you could volunteer! 
  6. Say I love you more often! Tell the people you love how much they mean to you.
  7. Smile or say hi to a stranger. I don’t know about you, but it always puts my day off to a good start to be greeted by a friendly smile or hello from someone I pass on the street. 
  8. Travel to a new place. Exploring new horizons is always a good way to open your mind and refresh. No need to go on a big trip, maybe plan a small road trip for a change of scenery and some fresh air. 
  9. Watch a sunrise. If you are not a morning person like I am, try to do it at least once a month…you will love it! 
  10. Stop comparing yourself, instead find your strengths and enhance them. I find that often we become insecure by other people’s strengths but what you forget is that you have your own. 

Make a list of them and remind yourself about them every day. 

Wishing the best year and joy to all my reader friends.

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I’m a dietitian working in the field for more than ten years. I’m passionate about this, and I have completed several studies in US, Mexico and Spain. These days, life saturates us with toxins. This generates all sort of diseases, reactions and deficiencies. I believe nutrients are the best allies to stay healthy, but there are so many sides that contribute to it. My intention is balancing health in, out & around. I love being able to share tips with everyone on how to achieve a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. That is why I’m starting a project named Katy’s Balance Life. ( I work at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and I love it. I’m the Training and Development Executive. Year by year, I get to travel around Australia, Singapore, Mexico and any other new country where we stock our products. Traveling is my life and I have learnt many health tips along the way from all our customers. My main responsibility is to ensure that everyone who works with our product is well trained, so they comprehend the benefits of our ingredients, understand a healthy lifestyle and the versatility of our product. I hope you enjoy my tips.

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