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expanded horizons

We all know that special feeling, butterflies in the tummy, throat a little tight, a mix of anticipation and expectation as the plane takes off. It’s the feeling of leaving the daily grind behind, of soaring to new heights and reaching new shores. Travel may seem like a luxury, an added bonus if we get everything else right, but expanding your horizons is much more than that. A holiday, be it for two days or two months does more than relax us. It makes us better people.

Letting go of the everyday invites us to embrace new places and people. When we step outside our normal routine, we find unexpected challenges, surprises and delights waiting for us. Exploring new cultures, ecosystems, languages and food help our minds contemplate new possibilities.

Plan that trip, book that ticket, take that trip that’s sparkling in the distance like a new friend. Sometimes we need to throw caution to the wind and act in impulse. No plans this weekend? Drive somewhere you have never been before. Find a patch of forest and walk in it. Visit that relative who moved out of town. Pick a spot on a map and hunt it down. Pack your bag and go. You never know what you’ll find.

Chances are you’ll come back with that special glow, the glow of travel, of adventure, the glow of lifted spirits and more space inside to handle life a bit better for a while.

So let’s be brave and not bored, curious and not complacent, seeking and not stressed, open and not obsessed with the small details our our lives. There is a great big world out there waiting for us to explore. A dose of the different is often just what the doctor ordered.

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Kathryn Lyster is a creative writer and communications consultant. She is a published author with Harper Collins. She also writes poetry and short stories. In addition, Kathryn writes about natural health and wellness, cruelty free living and how to live a more sustainable life. Kathryn is passionate about creativity, our earth, kindness and the power we all have to create a better world.

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