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Fall in love with our multipurpose products

Our brand was inspired by the women of today, and our practical and easy ‘multipurpose products’ were created for the women constantly on the go, who need at least 2 products in 1. Here are the main characteristics of our cheek and lip carrot balms and beetroot tint.

Creamy balm for cheeks, lips and eyes. Our Cheek and lip carrot balms are full of antioxidants, which are considered helpful in keeping your skin soft and hydrated. They are perfect for the beach, gym, or office due to their water resistant and long lasting properties. Available in 4 shades.

The tint everybody needs to have in their bag. Full of antioxidants, our beetroot tint may help keep the skin nourished acting as an antiaging agent. Its long-lasting formula makes it great for all day use at the beach or office and its betalain pigments give a natural red kiss look or build up for strong intense colour.

You are sure to fall in love with this amazing products just as much as we have! Find them at your nearest stockist here.

To find more about Ere Perez, click here.

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