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Toxins we use on a daily basis

Did you know that, on average, every single day, women use 10 products containing around 120 chemical toxins?

It’s easy to focus on what we eat, but we forget what we’re putting on our skin. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body; it absorbs at least 60-90% of what we put on it, in a matter of minutes.

You will be surprised to know how many chemicals you’re using every day, without even knowing.

Think about it: On a daily basis we use shampoo, soap, skin care, toothpaste, makeup, perfume, deodorant and even nail polish, all of which contain countless chemicals that are a risk to our health.  These chemicals are associated with allergic reactions and are known to cause not only asthma, headaches and dermatitis, but also hormone disruption, nervous system disruption, mental illness and even cancer.

Now, we know this sounds daunting, but there are plenty of healthy alternatives available to you and you can find them by just reading the labels! It can be difficult to know exactly what you should be avoiding and we have a couple of tips to help you find out.

Visiting a health food store can be a great first step; you’ll find staff with great knowledge to help find the right products for you. Or, you can educate yourself at home. Take a look at the following website, as it offers in depth information on a range of ingredients, as well as new research on the topic of environmental safety. 

To find out more about Ere Perez: 


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Tóxicos que Utilizamos Diariamente

¿Sabías que en promedio las mujeres utilizamos al día 10 productos cosméticos los cuales en conjunto pueden llegar a contener más de 120 químicos tóxicos?

Nos enfocamos en lo que comemos y se nos olvida lo que ponemos en nuestra piel. Nuestra piel es el órgano más grande de nuestro cuerpo y puede absorber al menos de un 60 a un 90% de lo que aplicamos en ella en cuestión de minutos.

Te sorprenderás de la cantidad de químicos tóxicos que pones en tu piel sin saberlo. Piénsalo, en un día normal utilizamos shampoo, jabón, productos para el cuidado de la piel, pasta dental, maquillaje, perfume, desodorante e incluso barniz de uñas; todos esos productos contienen un sin número de ingredientes tóxicos los cuales representan un riesgo para nuestra salud.

Estos tóxicos se pueden asociar con reacciones alérgicas y se sabe que pueden causar no sólo asma, dolores de cabeza y dermatitis sino también descontrol hormonal, enfermedades mentales y cáncer.

Esto puede sonar desalentador, pero tienes muchas alternativas saludables a tu alcance y puedes encontrarlas tan sólo leyendo la etiqueta de los productos.

Puede ser difícil saber los ingredientes que tenemos que evitar por lo que tenemos unos tips para ayudarte con esto.

Visitar una tienda de bienestar puede ser el primer paso, ahí encontrarás personas expertas que te ayudarán a encontrar los productos correctos para ti.

También puedes tratar de aprender en casa, visita la siguiente página web en donde encontrarás amplia información de los ingredientes tóxicos, así como información en el tema de seguridad ambiental.

Para saber más sobre Ere Perez:



I’m a dietitian working in the field for more than ten years. I’m passionate about this, and I have completed several studies in US, Mexico and Spain. These days, life saturates us with toxins. This generates all sort of diseases, reactions and deficiencies. I believe nutrients are the best allies to stay healthy, but there are so many sides that contribute to it. My intention is balancing health in, out & around. I love being able to share tips with everyone on how to achieve a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. That is why I’m starting a project named Katy’s Balance Life. ( I work at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and I love it. I’m the Training and Development Executive. Year by year, I get to travel around Australia, Singapore, Mexico and any other new country where we stock our products. Traveling is my life and I have learnt many health tips along the way from all our customers. My main responsibility is to ensure that everyone who works with our product is well trained, so they comprehend the benefits of our ingredients, understand a healthy lifestyle and the versatility of our product. I hope you enjoy my tips.

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