Month: February 2016


Sharing our wellbeing philosophy in Mexico

Recently Ere has spent some months back in Mexico, where she ended the year by spreading our wellbeing philosophy. On every trip to her homeland, Ere focuses her attention on improving product formulations, looking for and discussing new product ideas and initiating new projects with the Ere Perez team in Mexico. Over the last couple of months of her trip, Ere attended three events in Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana, where she met up with our brand’s well known Mexican followers, such as: Ainoha Moura creator of the blog, Vanguardia Sustentable Sisy Garza,  personal trainer and specialist in pilates Sandra Estrada, Yoga master, Pilates Holistic health coach and food psychologist, creator of the blog, Punto Equilibrio Claudia Zaragoza, aka Health Coach Clau, world class triathlete and Healthy Chef Monica Prieto y Marcella Macklis, holistic nutritionists and health coaches via their website, Diseñando tu Salud (designing your health). This amazing group of women, who live to promote sustainability, ethical, healthy and ecological living, talked about how to achieve a healthier life, focusing on the food we eat, making healthier choices, exercising more and …

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Holy Krumballs! We talk to Keira Rumble

Keira Rumble, aka Krumble is a successful Australian model, blogger, beach lover, prolific instagrammer, exercise fanatic and health food advocate, who is on a journey with her brand Krumbled to make naughty food deliciously healthy. Her delicious Krumballs (all-natural protein balls) are now sold in over 40 stockists, with plans to go BIG with her balls over the next few years! Read how she got to this exciting point in her life. What does naturally beautiful mean to you? To embrace your inner beauty! I am also a true believer to nourish your body from the inside out. To be naturally beautiful means to be able to be truly happy and at peace with yourself, this is a big work in progress for me and many already amazing women out there. Who and what inspires you?  I am inspired by so many women, I thrive off motivated and inspired people. Lorna Jane, The Healthy Chef (Teresa Cutter), Nigella Lawson, Ella Woodward (aka Deliciously Ella)…so many others! Especially those who have made a conscious effort to …


Why we love Brie Larson

The super talented and gorgeous Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers (she even has an exotic name!), aka Brie Larson, is just 25 and already seems to have been around for ever. The beautiful and understated American actress and singer/songwriter has appeared in countless films and TV shows since she was just 9. She’s been nominated for numerous awards over the years, most recently including Best Actress for Room, for which she’s just won a SAG and Golden Globe and is awaiting the big one, an Academy Award (fingers crossed!). Not just a great actress, Brie speaks fluent French, is a talented singer/songwriter, directs movies, forages for mushrooms, loves animals (has two dogs, Bowie and Jonathan) and stays under the radar, preferring her privacy to socalising and celebrity. Her best friend is the equally lovely Shailene Woodley (The Fault in Our Stars) and she’s in a relationship with actor, model, producer musician (Phantom Planet & The Business Intl), Alex Greenwald. Do we envy her? Hell, YES!  But mostly we love her. Good luck at the Oscars, Brie. This year’s …


How to brush for blush perfection!

It seems like a really obvious thing, but if you’re not an expert makeup applicator, then there are some good tips for applying blush and bronzer or contour. Use the right tool! Use the right brush with your blusher or bronzer – one that’s suited to pressed powder and that will allow you to direction your application movements. The best blush brushes are long handled, large brushes with tapered or ponytail shaped bristles to give you direction. Use natural hair (as long as it’s cruelty free) or nylon bristles, but make sure you wash your brush often to keep it clean and in shape. Applying blush for your face shape There are 5 main face shape types: round, long, square, oval and heart and the way you apply your blusher can bring out the best in your face shape. Just a few simple rules, directions and focus areas make all the difference. Round – Apply along cheekbones in an upwards direction to slim the face Oval – Apply along the apples and flick upwards towards …


February Pro Picks with Emmily Banks

Emmily Banks is a natural makeup artist, eco beauty advocate and founder of Depths of Beauty (  Not surprisingly she is passionate about natural beauty that performs on a personal and on a professional level. Here are her top professional products picks from the Ere Perez range for February, including why she loves each product and some great application tips. Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder ‘Bronze Tones’ Why I love: I’m a born and bred beach girl, so I’m all about a “golden glow”, even in the colder months. Not only does this super-fine pressed powder give a gorgeous, natural bronze finish. Top tip: Imagine drawing the number 3 on your face in a light, sweeping motion. Start along the hairline/upper forehead, sweep down to just below the cheekbone and finish under the jawline. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! Rich Olive Oil Lipstick ‘Fiesta’ Why I love: Is there anything better than a lick of bright red lippy to brighten up your face? This rich, cherry red lipstick is especially gorgeous due to it’s …


We are now in Naturisimo UK!

Quick news flash for Ere Perez fans in UK and Europe… You can now find Ere Perez in the UK’s leading natural and organic skincare and makeup online store, Naturisimo. If you’re in the UK or Europe, you can now get you favourite Ere Perez makeup HERE. NATURISIMO: A NEW BEAUTY Naturisimo is the online destination dedicated entirely to natural and organic beauty. A unique store that celebrates individual beauty and is inspired by a new world of cosmetics powered by natural ingredients and free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and chemical toxins. Join now: sign up to our newsletter for all things natural beauty.