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Colours for a healthy glow: Nourish your skin from the inside out!

Did you know that the colours in fruit and veggies represent different antioxidants?

Antioxidants can be identified in food by their colour and these colourful molecules work to protect your body from the chemicals produced during oxidation, lifting the colour of your skin and giving a beautiful glow! So try eating a variety of colours in each meal – the more antioxidants you have in your body, the more your skin will glow!

  • Red in foods may help keep skin firm, bringing that glow within you

Don’t you just love the bright red colour in tomatoes and red peppers? Lycopene is responsible for making food this colour! This antioxidant helps with your skin`s circulation, giving it a refreshing boost, while keeping your skin firm and glowing. Next time you’re in the fruit and veggie aisle, be sure to pick up some strawberries and tomatoes!

  • Blue and purple in food may help as an anti-ageing agent for skin

Blue and purple fruits and veggies are jam-packed with antioxidants called Anthoxyanins. These are very powerful anti-ageing agents, that help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Although these blue and purple coloured fruit and veggies aren’t as common as other colours, you only need a few to get enough nutrients from them! Try adding some blueberries and beetroot to your daily meals!

  • Yellow/Orange in food may help with healing and give your skin radiant colour

Vitamin C is the key agent in yellow and orange foods. We all know the many benefits of Vitamin C for your body, but you may not know the amazing benefits for your skin. Vitamin C is used to synthesise collagen, so it can help the healing of acne, scars and blackheads, brightening your skin with radiant colour. Who doesn’t want a bit of help to heal those pesky scars while enjoying a beautiful glow! Grab some lemons and carrots and add them to your daily mix!

  • Green foods can help detoxify your skin

We have all heard of the numerous benefits of green foods, it’s almost impossible to name them all. When we are talking about detoxing, sulforaphane is antioxidant we’re referring to. Flush out those toxins to acheive clean, clear and glowing skin as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Always add greens to your day- whether it’s putting some spinach and kale in your daily juice or having some raw brocolli with dinner.


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Colores que Resaltan tu Belleza; Nutrición de Adentro hacia Afuera

¿Sabías que los diferentes colores en frutas y verduras representan diferentes antioxidantes?

Los diferentes colores ayudarán a resaltar la belleza natural de tu piel. Los antioxidantes combaten la oxidación que ocurre en tu cuerpo, previniendo el daño celular, especialmente en presencia de toxinas. Intenta comer diariamente cada uno de estos colores en tus comidas. Entre más antioxidantes consumas tu piel se verá más radiante.

– El rojo en los alimentos ayuda a mantener la piel firme y radiante

¡Apoco no te encanta ese color rojo en los alimentos! El licopeno es el antioxidante que además de ser el encargado de darle el color rojo a los alimentos, estimula la circulación de la piel, dejándola radiante y fresca.  La siguiente vez que vayas al súper no te olvides de comprar fresas y tomates.

–  El azul y morado en los alimentos ayuda a prevenir las líneas de expresión

Estos colores no son tan fáciles de obtener, pero no te preocupes con una pequeña cantidad tendrás para obtener todos sus beneficios, uno de ellos es la antocianina, la cual es un poderoso antioxidante que ayuda a prevenir las líneas de expresión y el envejecimiento de la piel. Ahora seguro no te olvidarás de agregarlo en tus platillos, unos ejemplos de esto son las moras azules y el betabel.

– El amarillo y naranja en los alimentos ayuda a prevenir y resaltar el color natural de la piel

Las cicatrices, el acné y los puntos negros tienden a opacar nuestro rostro. Las frutas y verduras con este color es lo que necesitas para evitarlo. Debido a su alta concentración de vitamina C, la síntesis de colágeno se lleva a cabo resaltando los colores en nuestro rostro. ¡Es tan fácil como comer zanahorias y limas!

– El verde en los alimentos ayuda a desintoxicar la piel

Los alimentos verdes tienen millones de beneficios, ¡y va a ser casi imposible enumerarlos todos! Hablando de desintoxicación, el sulforafano contenido en los alimentos verdes elimina todas esas toxinas dentro de ti para tener una piel limpia, radiante y al mismo tiempo reduce la apariencia de líneas de expresión. Es fácil agregar alimentos verdes a tu día, ¡qué rico acompañar nuestras comidas con brócoli o con un jugo de espinacas con vegetales!

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I’m a dietitian working in the field for more than ten years. I’m passionate about this, and I have completed several studies in US, Mexico and Spain. These days, life saturates us with toxins. This generates all sort of diseases, reactions and deficiencies. I believe nutrients are the best allies to stay healthy, but there are so many sides that contribute to it. My intention is balancing health in, out & around. I love being able to share tips with everyone on how to achieve a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. That is why I’m starting a project named Katy’s Balance Life. ( I work at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and I love it. I’m the Training and Development Executive. Year by year, I get to travel around Australia, Singapore, Mexico and any other new country where we stock our products. Traveling is my life and I have learnt many health tips along the way from all our customers. My main responsibility is to ensure that everyone who works with our product is well trained, so they comprehend the benefits of our ingredients, understand a healthy lifestyle and the versatility of our product. I hope you enjoy my tips.

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