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inner glow smoothie bowl

Blogger Honestly Alessandra dedicates herself to guide us through nutrition, whole food-plant based recipes , beauty tips and more… Check out her “inner glow smoothie bowl” recipe, we love it! “When it comes to beauty, I’ve always looked for that all round, radiant, inner glow. You know, that looks like you have just stepped out of the sea onto a beach on a relaxing holiday. What if I told you that you could have this all year round, minus the tan, well depending where you are in the world, but clear skin, glowing from within and less wrinkles… of course you can! You just need to be feeding your body with the right things. What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put onto it and that you guys is the secret, it’s that simple. Our planet has given us everything we need to feed each and every one of our cells with and it’s in our foods, we just need to know the right things to eat so that our body understands what …

light and carefree look

Lorella Giannini is an Italian makeup artist. Visiting us at our Bondi Beach office, she met our beautiful writer Kathryn “Rainbow” Lyster, and the 2 of them had great fun playing with our makeup! Forget rigid routines and strict regimes. We want you to have fun with our cosmetics! Our range of natural makeup is full of easy to use products that give you more time in your life, not less. Real beauty is natural and effortless.

secret garden

Enjoy our collaboration with makeup artist Liv Lundelius. Liv only uses natural makeup, and the results are stunning! “Working on Editorials is always so much fun, especially if you have a great team! This shoot was for Issue 29 of White Magazine. As usual, I only used natural/ organic/ cruelty-free makeup on set. While I always use a huge variety of different products & brands in my kit, the key beauty products I used here were by Ere Perez.

crystal sparkle look

Some days you just want to shine. It can be for a special occasion, a wedding, a party, an important work event, or just because you are celebrating life and your place in it! We love those moments when you feel inspired, uplifted and happy. Life is full of challenges, but by marking the good moments every chance we can, the glass can start to look half full instead of half empty. When you want a little bit of shimmer, when you feel that special buzz in the air, when you feel like anything is possible and nothing’s going to stop you – this is the look for you. We call it crystal sparkle, after our favourite quartz crystal that is beautiful, positive and made by nature. Think clear, luminous, the quality of catching the sunlight or moonlight when it’s shining just for you.

Sustainable Table – Old School shopping  

It’s time to start preparing for the holidays. Make it special, but make it sustainable and try to limit the amount of waste you produce. Everybody loves saving when buying groceries, so why not reduce your rubbish and save money by buying in bulk!   Here are 5 good reasons to start buying in bulk:   Plastic Free – We all need to take care of our planet and reduce the amount of plastic we produce. So how about we start with plastic? Usually people recommend to use BPA free plastic safe, however, the plastic used as an alternative can still be just as harmful, so choose a glass bottle instead!   Less waste – Use reusable rather than disposable containers when bulk buying to cut down the amount of rubbish produced.   Buy what you need – Bulk-buying gives you the opportunity to control how much you buy. You scoop in whatever you need. This helps you save money as you are only paying for what you need!   Natural Ingredients – The more natural ingredients …

Inspirational Woman: Ali Mutch

Ali Mutch is a former model, well known TV presenter, writer, journalist, producer and personal trainer. Born in England, she moved to Australia when she was 12. She currently juggles her time between presenting for TVSN, being mum to Phoenix, 3, working as a personal trainer for her business InnerFireFitness and her tots and babies photography company, Phoenix & Wren Photography.   What does natural beauty mean to you? It’s a genuine smile or a giggle that bubbles up from deep within and makes others around you feel happy. A smattering of freckles or the soft crinkles at the corners of your eyes, that are like a little road map of your life journey or simply a feature that makes you different and uniquely beautiful.   Do you live a green life? I try to live a fairly green life by doing small things that help reduce my footprint but I know I could be doing so much more. We are teaching our 3-year-old daughter important things like recycling, not wasting power, saving water, re-using paper for art projects (instead of …

Deliciously Vegan Cherry and Acai Berry smoothie!

Eating “clean” doesn’t have to be boring with this yummy recipe: Indulge yourself with a healthy, nutritious drink made with super powerful Acai berries. What’s so great about Acai Berries? This amazing fruit belongs to the species of berries found only in the Amazon. Acai berries contain assorted antioxidants, including anthocyanins, flavonoids, Xanthones; vitamins, such as A, C, B1, B2, B3, and E and the essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, and 9.  They also contain minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorous and potassium. It’s incredible that all of that fits into a tiny fruit, right! Everyone wants more elastic and youthful looking skin and Acai berries can help you achieve this with their unique properties. They may also help with controlling acne, hyper pigmentation and with healing scars due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The following recipe is perfect for summer, containing acai, bananas and cherries, that are also great for health, containing antioxidants like anthocyanins and also Melatonin to promote healthy sleep. The best news is you can now get Acai berries in most health …