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Pro Tips: Achieve eyebrow perfection with Ere Perez

Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect eyebrow! Those seemingly unassuming brows are both an incredibly important feature of your face and a beautiful asset, when given the love and attention they deserve! Not only do those babies frame the eyes, they also have the ability to change and life the entire facial structure! Once you get brow grooming right, you’ll wonder where you ever were without it. Here’s how to do it like a pro: To check if your brows are balanced, symmetrical and to find where they should “start, arch and end”, follow the measurements below: Start: Hold a brush vertically along the side of the nose next to the tip Arch: Hold a brush beside the tip of the nose and move it diagonally to meet the outside of the iris End: Hold a brush beside the nostril and move it diagonally past the outer corner of the eye Once you know where you’re going it’s time to perfect your shape and Ere Perez has just what you need: 1.    Natural Almond …


Find the best eyeshadow palette for your eye colour

We all want to look naturally beautiful and find the best colours that suit our skin tone. While you probably know the best foundation colour, blush colour or lipstick for your skin tone, do you know the best eyeshadow palette for your eyes? You may be forgiven for thinking that you should chose eyeshadow tones similar to your eye colour, e.g. brown eyeshadow tones for brown eyes, greens for green etc., but actually it can sometimes have the opposite effect: Just like wearing similar colours to your skin tone, which can make you look washed out; wearing similar eyeshadow tones to your eye colour can dull down eyes, sending them into the background instead of making them pop. Actually the best colours for your eye colours are the ones you least expect, the opposite to your eye colour. BROWN: Avoid dark browns if you want your eyes to stand out.  Choose purples/lilacs, bright greens, peaches and copper or rusty browns. Best Ere Perez creative eye shadow duos: Green & Grin, Better Than Smokey, Without Clothes, …

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Makeup “How To” with Emmily Banks

How to get the look with Sophie Raper from Astrid & Atticus BASE Moisturise with your favourite natural skincare to hydrate skin. Lightly apply and blend Ere Perez Oatmilk Foundation “Medium” to entire face. Blend Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter Falling Star into cheek bones, down centre of nose and Cupid’s bow. HOT TIP – Use the same foundation brush to blend highlighter, the residue left of brush will help the highlighter to blend into skin and appear more natural. CHEEKS Apply Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder in “My Blush” underneath cheek bones to create contour. Softly press and blend “Healthy” Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm onto apples of cheeks HOT TIP – Use fingers to apply the Cheek & Lip Balm, the warmth of your hands will help cream product to blend.   EYES Build Ere Perez Creative Chamomile Eye Duo “Very Important” in brown along lash line and blend out towards outer corner of eyes Apply Ere Perez Creative Chamomile Eye Duo “It’s a Girl” towards centre of eye and underneath …