ERE PEREZ – creative director and founder

When I was a lEre Profile Picittle girl growing up in Mexico, I loved playing with makeup and I obviously still do! My mum used to give me beetroot to use as lipstick and blusher, the foundation of my interest in natural makeup and the future inspiration for my Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint.

My maternal grandfather was, and still is, a traditional medicine man; practising natural remedies with formulas he has created himself, using locally available herbs, flowers, plants and oils. He taught me about the healing properties of hundreds of different plants and flowers and encouraged me to create my own concoctions.

My paternal grandfather was also into creating his own concoctions, but as a biochemist, so I had the benefit of the scientific perspective too and he taught me about the technical side of extraction, chemistry and formulations.

Following school I studied natural therapies, iridology and bach flowers and it was always my dream to create my own range of natural remedies and skincare.

In 2000 I fell in love with Australia and its natural beauty. My husband and I decided to settle in Sydney and I was inspired to work on my idea for a natural makeup range that would nourish, protect, enhance and enable women to feel beautiful from the inside out. In 2004 my first product, and still our best seller, the Natural Almond Oil Mascara was born and 13 years later, the rest is history!

To me, being naturally beautiful encompasses everything about our lives: It’s being kind to ourselves and our fellow creatures; being thoughtful and considerate of other people; conscious of conserving the beauty of our planet and making the most our own natural beauty and recognising our inner strength; nourishing our bodies without using any harmful chemicals and certainly without testing on animals.

I’m so incredibly proud of my beautiful brand of natural makeup, borne from real passion and a commitment to be kind, be natural and be beautiful.

We have an unbelievably gorgeous set of loyal customers, who, alongside my family, my girls, my friends and colleagues inspire me every day to continue to strive to be the best I can and to keep coming up with beautiful new products.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years. I hope you continue to enjoy our products and that you’ll now enjoy our new blog too!

Be beautiful, naturally!

Ere x


Katiana Salinas – contributor

Katiana Salinas

I’ve worked as a dietician for more than ten years, having completed several studies in US, Mexico and Spain. You could say I’m passionate about health and wellbeing.

These days, life saturates us with toxins, generating all sort of diseases, reactions and deficiencies. I believe nutrients are the best allies to stay healthy, but there are so many contributory factors. I concentrate on healthiness from the inside, out, and around.

I love being able to share tips with everyone on how to achieve a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. That is why I’m starting a project named Katy’s Balance Life. (https://instagram.com/katianas/)

I’m the Training and Development Executive at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics and I love my job!  Year by year, I get to travel around Australia, Singapore, Mexico and other countries where we stock our products.

Traveling is my life and I have learnt many health tips along the way from all our customers. My main responsibility is to ensure that everyone who works with our product is well trained, so they fully understand the benefits of our ingredients, the versatility of our products and how to incorporate them into a healthy, balanced life.

Katiana x


Rainbow Lyster – contributor

Kat look 3Rainbow is a freelance writer and published fiction author, her debut novel ‘The Inevitability of Stars’ was published in 2013.She studied Creative Writing & Editing and loves words!

Rainbow is passionate about creativity, the restorative power of nature and cruelty free living. She has been involved in animal rights and animal protection for the last few years and is now more determined than ever to inspire people to think about the choices they make. She believes we can do things differently and better – in ways that look after our environment, human health and the animals we share our lives with: each person making one small change, changes the world. She hopes, one day, to see all animals go free.

Rainbow loves oceans, mountains, deserts and forests and draws much inspiration for her writing from these beautiful free-spirited places.

She wants all of us to be kind, happy and to find the joy in simple pleasures. These are the things she writes and dreams about.


Emmily Banks – contributor

IMG_6543I think of myself  as a “natural makeup artist”, blogger and green beauty guru and have over 8 years experience in the beauty and fashion industry and run Depths of Beauty (http://www.depthsofbeauty.com.au) which is all about promoting the use of natural makeup.

I support all natural, organic, nourishing and eco friendly cosmetics that WORK… yes it’s true! 

I have always had a passion for health, wellness and, of course, beauty!

My goal is to share the importance of using clean products; the why, the how, the what and to empower women to love the skin they’re in, supporting the natural, healthy desire to look and feel beautiful!

I am hoping to create change in the world (corny as it sounds, it’s true) by encouraging wellbeing-conscious beauty and awareness around the sustainability of our Earth.

I love Ere Perez products because they are incredibly good quality, they work beautifully and they absolutely live and breathe using sustainable, effective natural ingredients to create nourishing makeup that enhances a woman’s natural beauty, with no nasties, toxins or cruelty to animals.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and that my how-tos give you the confidence to try different natural looks for yourself.

Emmily x


Sophie Martin – contributor

I’ve been in458066_10150779110218210_1473330921_ocredibly fortunate to have been with Ere for almost all of the Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics journey. Back in Australia, when I was a new mum and setting up my own PR business after years of working in PR for women’s lifestyle, health and beauty clients, I met Ere through a mutual contact and became part of the “family”.

Ere is one of the most energetic, dedicated, fun, crazy and inspirational women I know. She has a dream and she’s going to achieve it and take all her friends and family along with her.  Fortunately I understand / speak Spanish which is often a necessity in the fast-paced Spanglish world that is Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics! It’s mad, inspiring, fun and completely sincere. Ere Perez makeup is amazing. I may be biased, but Ere’s products are by far the best and most effective, value for money and genuinely natural cosmetics on the market.

I’ve been with Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics for almost 9 years and now work from my home in the UK.

I hope you get some inspiration and enjoyment from our blog.



  1. Dra. Vanessa Ortega says

    Esta parte en la q te abres y muestas tu pasión x lo q haces me encantó!, sabes soy médico anti envejecimiento y práctico estética con células madres se q tu línea puede ayudarme a q mis pacientes tengan un mantenimiento y mejores resultados donde puedo adquirir sus productos!, pero me gustaría más aprender de ellos sus propiedades y usos como lo podría lograr?
    Gracias me encantó su pagina


  2. www.alejandrazermeno.net says

    Gracias Ere por ofrecernos esta posibilidad de cuidarnos y vernos mejor de una manera natural y sustentable. ADORO ERE PÉREZ y a todo su equipo, gracias por haber participado y patrocinado la exposición Cherchez la femme.


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