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Pro Pick of the Week: Natural everyday bronzed look

This is a “how to” that I’ve written up following my recent natural beauty shoot for Her Fashion Box.  If you want to know how to get a natural, everyday bronzed look that gives you a beautiful, understated sunkissed look, then read on!


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Foundation – Apply a light coverage of Ere Perez Oat Milk foundation over entire face.

Tip – Apply with Ere Perez Foundation Brush for flawless blending.. also make sure you moisturise before application too for extra radiant skin!

Bronzer – Apply bronzer lightly underneath the cheek bones (to contour) then apply lightly to the temples and around the jaw-line.

Tip – Start lightly and slowly build colour for a more even, natural looking appearance.

Powder – Apply Corn Perfecting translucent powder to the shine prone areas of the face; around the T-zone, forehead, chin & nose.

Tip – Reapply throughout the day without any colour build up! Translucent powder suits ALL skin tones!



Eye Shadow – Apply “Very Important” Chamomile Eyeshadow duo to the eyes. Use the darker shade to lightly cover entire lid up to the socket crease, then apply golden shimmer to the lash line and inner corners of the eyes.

Tip – Use the dark brown shade as an eyeliner and apply closely to lash line for a more defined eye.


Rosehip-NudeLips – Apply ‘Nude” Rosehip Oil Lipbar to the lips until desired colour is achieved.

Tip – Reapply throughout day to keep lips moisturised!

Image of Model from Her Fashion Box shoot

Makeup by Emmily at Depths Of Beauty using Ere Perez Bronzers and Shadows

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