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Emmily Banks Reviews Ere Perez Pure Rice Blush and Bronzer

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Julia Trotti at a shoot for the super talented jewellery designer,  Alexandra Redmond.

Alexandra Redmond is dedicated to creating handcrafted jewels that super original, striking and colourful! This talented designer began creating jewellery as gifts for family and friends from a young age and her collections are all inspired by colour. Alex combines contrasting bold colours with softer pastels and neutrals. Her brand is best known for its collection of statement necklaces, made from a multitude of materials including coconut, glass, howlite turquoise, gemstone and wooden beads, so they’re absolutely perfect for a sunny, beachy look.

For this shoot I used Ere’s Pure Rice Powder Bronzers & Blushers. See the results below with my review of the powders and some exclusive application tips!


  • They are all made with natural non-toxic ingredients, including non-GMO rice powder, plus they also have an SPF of 15+ to naturally protect your skin!
  • The texture is silky smooth for easy application and blends naturally into the skin.
  • The powders are all highly pigmented, so you can use sparingly (meaning they will last a long time!).
  • All compacts come in DUO’s, so you can chose the colour best suited to your skin tone, while changing seasons or you can blend the two to get your perfect match! It’s like getting 2 for 1!



  • Below Cheek Bones/ Contour: Apply the darker shade of matte bronzer (finger width) underneath cheek-bone to create definition
  • Forehead:  Apply lightly to top of forehead where sun would normally hit
  • Jaw Line: Apply on jawline to create the illusion of a more defined “feminine” facial structure
  • All over: Depending on the bronzed look you are aiming to create, you can lightly apply over entire face for a radiant SUNKISSED look. Be careful to only apply very lightly and evenly using Ere Perez Eco Vegan Kabuki or Multi-Purpose Powder brush.


  • Apples of Cheeks: Apply to apples of cheeks or just above apples of cheeks (in area you would naturally “flush”) to create a natural look.
  • Entire cheek area: Apply very lightly to entire cheek area (use lighter shade for this application) for a healthy, rosy glow.


  • EYESHADOW: Remember you can also apply bronzer and blush to your eyelids as an eyeshadow. I often use bronzer in the socket line of of the eyes!
  • LIPSTAIN: If you forget your lipstick when you head out, you can use your blush as a lip-stain. Just add a touch of lip balm over the top, and Voila!

Makeup – Emmily Banks (

Jewellery – Alexandra Redmond Jewellery (

Images – Julia Trotti (

Model – Natalie (Natty) B

Professional Makeup Artist Emmily Banks has joined the team at Ere Perez as official makeup reviewer, Instagrammer and insight giver into the world of fashion shoot makeup!